Sirius Alignment: Sirius, Venus and Moon in a Triangle! Sept. 7, 2015

Good Rising. Great Awakenings! Uben Nefer. Nehast!
Sirius Alignment: Sirius, Venus and Moon in a Triangle!

Today’s Rising was most wonderful for me personally. I so enjoy getting up early to watch Sirius as She rises, and these past few days, have been spectacular. Here are a few photos that I took, plus some video clips from the past couple of days….

Venus to left, Sirius to the right, Moon up above.HetHeru to the left, Sept or Sopdet, and Sesheta.

If you look closely, you will see FOUR Goddesses…..






Sirius begins to Rise Again close to the end of July. When I lived in Texas, I would usually see her on my birthday! August 5. Since I have been living in California, in a Round valley, I usually do not see her until September. This Year, I viewed her for the first time on September 1! Sirius is known as Sothis, and in Kemet, She is called Sopdu. Associated with Goddess Aset, She is also called Sopdet, or Sept  Sopdet sounds alot like September, and so for me now, Septemeber/Sopdetember  is another Sirius Month!

sopdet asar sopdet_cowdenderah-e1437242054533

from wikipoedia
“The name Sopdet means (she who is) sharp in Egyptian, a reference to the brightness of Sirius, which is the brightest star in the night sky. In art she is depicted as a woman with a five-pointed star upon her head.[1]”

Dua Seheta. (Moon) Dua Sopdet,  (Sirius) Dua HetHeru.(Venus)  Dua Aset. (Divine Mother)

Standing under a Triangle of Triple Goddesses was an amazing experience, and will try again tomorrow! This is true Kemetic Medicine, according to Sehu Khepera Ankh. Kemetic Medicine is Celestial, not only plant based, not limited to physical touch, not energy manipulation.  Kemetic Medicine is Pure Cosmic Force Energy. This is especially auspicisous as Venus has just gone direct again. At HeruScopes, this means that the Portal of HetHeru has just closed.

M83 fb bannerAnd now for the HeruScopes Report for September 7, 2015.


Sept 7 Triple Goddess Sirius Alignment


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