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HeruScopes takes into account the Precession of the Equinox as well as the 13th Constellation along the Ecliptic. Many of the 12 Zodiacs are so small they do not cross the Ecliptic. However, Ophiuchus is so large that it crosses the Ecliptic and is also very wide. So how, why it is being ignored? In order to control time…to control the lives of the ignorant masses…

with HeruScopes, you will be free from this control, and will be able to see how your life is sidereally meant to be lived, in alignment with the Neteru at the moment of your Earth Arrival, how to win in Life. Like Heru…Spiritual Aspiration and Spiritual Victory


Here's what you need to know about HeruScopes:

  • HeruScopes is grounded in the actual motions of the Sun and Planets through the constellations, providing a tool to remain aligned with the Cosmic and Ancestral Forces of nature. It empowers us to be the Hero/Heru of our own myth.
  • It does not dictate what one can or cannot do each day but provides suggestions to live in oneness with the Divine and Celestial Plan, enabling one to be enlightened.
  • Personalized and customized astrology charts are available with detailed analysis and/or one-on-one consultation.
  • From time to time, we post videos featuring HeruScopes Analysis, KemeTones Self Care, and Global Prayer, as well as Ancient African Adorations in harmony with the astrology reading of the day.
The Cosmic Chart
The Cosmic Compass
The Cosmic Navigation
$175/90 Min

Cosmic Chimes & Chanting for your birthdate

Sound Healing and Astrology Package

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