Sound Healing

KemeTones is a sound healing protocol that resembles acupuncture but uses sound instead of needles.
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Here's how it works:
  • Based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, we access the Airbus (Chakras), Meridians and Extraordinary Vessels. For healing, purification and alignment.
  • This Healing Sound Modality works wonders with releasing trauma and stuck emotions, putting the Energy back Into Motion.
In addition, at KemeTones, we use:
  • During a full Cosmic TuneUp, your HeruScopes Astrology Chart is utilized to determine which tuning forks will be chosen for your session.
  • During a Kemetic Konnections Session, not only is your chart used during your sound healing, you will receive a live rendition of your chart with chanting and the cosmic chimes. You will also receive the recording plus lyrics. These will be chants created for you, not heard or sung ever before, in this lifetime anyways…

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Solar Tune-Up
Galactic Tune-Up
Cosmic Tune-Up
$200/90 Min

Cosmic Chimes & Chanting for your birthdate

Sound Healing and Astrology Package

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