The Music of Tchiya Amet

A Must-Listen for Soulful Healing

The Music of Tchiya Amet captivates listeners through:


  • Devotional World Music
  • Healing Frequencies Music
  • Reggae Fusion Jazz
  • Medicine Wheel Music

This Musical Journey is a reflection of her inner transformation. Spanning from Knowledge of Self, to Indigenous Wisdom and Culture.  Spirituality from Kemet, India, Japanese Buddhism, Black Hebrew Israelite, Rastafari, Turtle Island (North American Indian) & Amaru Khan (The Americas).

Her earliest recordings (Rise Again Truth 1999 and Black Turtle Island 2003) are Roots Reggae & Native Reggae. Celestial Folk Music which was recorded primarily in Brasil, released in 2012 represented an expansion into World Music as well as an expansion of consciousness. The Dub Album was released next (Tchiya Amet Survives the Texas Tornado). In 2011, Tchiya had her first visit to Kemet and from then on, her music reflected her studies in spirituality and self knowledge. Blue Lotus Speaks Volume 1 in 2014, then Paiutti Neteru in July 2022. She also released a few singles: Two Roads and Police State, both released in 2020.

Pautti Neteru showcases her natural gift for playing the Seprewa, a Ghanain Harp that is very similar to ones played in Ancient Kemet. The first time she picked it up, she began playing as if she had played her entire life. Certainly in a past life…

Her current passion is taking passages from sacred Neterian Texts, such as the Pert M Heru, and putting them to music. This is the best way for her to absorb the wisdom, through music. She has fully embraced her role as a Temple Musician & Priestess, a Chantress.

Musical Offerings are made regularly via livestreams on tiktok, instagram and YouTube. For more information and schedules, visit the AstMaataJi Temple section of this website.

You can also view some of the recent Reggae concerts at the YouTube channel. Visit for more musical information.

Marc Gordon, Entertainment Editor, Waiting Room, USA Magazine.

Tchiya is a student of several languages, “I can order dinner and get around town in many places!” she jokes. Many different languages are featured in songs on this CD. “Often referred to as the Island’s Robert Flack because of her soft vocal style, but similarities to Sade and Esperanza Spalding, a mild Erykah Badu, Sun Ra because of Tchiya’s fondness for unique instrumental arrangements,  and of course Bob Marley because of her oneness messages which are always featured in her song lyrics,”

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