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About Us

About Us

Tchiya Amet has always been drawn to the Light as a young student of Galactic Astronomy on her way to becoming an astronaut. As a young homeschooling mother, she studied and LIVED Indigenous Cultural Astronomy. As a musician, Reggae, World Music and, Turtle Island Music, Kemetic Devotional World Music, with a career spanning 3 decades, she brings wisdom of the 4 Directions to Music, Sharing the Light of Truth through Music.

Her personal healing journey back from trauma led to an Enlightened & Natural Lifestyle that includes yoga, vegan, detoxing and cleansing, herbalism, organic farming, Sound Healing, Astronomy/ Astrology, Turtle Island Wisdom, and Kemetic Spirituality.

Her current path and healing practice combines all of these elements into a unique wellness tapestry and healing experience. She shares what has helped her to heal with others, and this brings her great joy and satisfaction.

Who We Are

The Light Being Wellness Center views everything and everyone as an expression of divine frequency characterized by love and vibrations. Our wide range of healing modalities will leave you feeling light-hearted, as if your burdens have been lifted and your radiance restored. You'll shine brightly once again.

What “Light Being” Means

Light Beings are housed in watery encasements known as human bodies. To thrive on Earth, we must revitalize our body, mind, soul, and spirit through rejuvenation and recharge.

Wellness is a vibration that resonates with the cosmic forces of nature within us all, and at our center, we offer services and products to keep you attuned to this harmony.

Our speciality is removing blocks that impede the flow, unlocking the radiance that emanates from fully activated Light Beings. Through this, we fulfil our purpose of enlightenment.

Meet Arit Neter S Mery Maati, aka Tchiya Amet


Tchiya Amet embarked on a journey of self-healing and self-care, which led her to become a sound healer. Initially, she pursued a career as an astronaut, studying physics as an undergraduate at Oberlin College and later pursuing a graduate degree in Galactic Astronomy at UT Austin. However, her plans were interrupted by multiple instances of womb-related calamities and catastrophes.

To restore balance to her life, she took the unconventional path of home-birthing her two daughters, with the assistance of their father, and homeschooled them at a time when this was a rare practice.

As an internationally acclaimed Reggae and World Music artist for over three decades, Tchiya Amet has found a way to combine her passions of the Celestial Realm, Music, and Healing through KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing.

She has also developed the HeruScopes, a 13 Month Kemetic Sidereal Astrology system, based on her extensive research in Cultural Astronomy. Arit's music has expanded from Reggae to Devotional World Music, designed to lead listeners to enlightenment. In addition to her music, Arit's life has included a range of interests such as organic farming, festival production, herbalism, and much more.


Ankh, Udja Seneb
Life, Vitality, and Health

Akhu Seneb
Light Being Wellnes

Supreme Peace, the End of Duality

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