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What does “Light Being” Mean?

We are more than mortal human beings. Light Beings in Watery Encasements, ie, human bodies, must recharge and rejuvenate the Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit in order to thrive on Planet Earth. Wellness is a Vibration: we offer services and products that can keep you in tune with the Cosmic Forces of Nature that live within all of us. Our specialty is eliminating blocks that limit The Flow. When fully activated, Light Beings Radiate Wellness. Then we can fulfill our purpose, which is to be enlightened.


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Kemetic Konnections is the ultimate combination of KemeTones Cosmic Sound healing and HeruScopes 13 Month Kemetic Sidereal Astrology. It is a Wellness package that can be experienced in person or virtually, Live or recorded. You can observe examples of this offering by viewing the Cosmic Chimes and Chanting Sessions for various celestial events at the YouTube channel. The difference is that instead of an event, like a new moon or a retrograde, the Cosmic Chimes and Chanting session will reflect the exact moment of your arrival on Earth: it will outline and explore the alignment of the Cosmic Forces on your birthday. You will leave the session. With chants and music never before heard before, all totally channeled during g our time together.

Kemetic Konnections

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

Arit Neter S Mery Maati, aka Tchiya Amet

At The Light Being Wellness Center, we see everything and everyone as a Divine Frequency of Luvibrations. And this is how you will feel after you experience one of the many healing modalities we offer: Your Heart Will Feel as Light as a Feather, and You Will Once Again, Shine Bright.

TeaChiya Basti Blend Triple Goddess Super Power


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16 oz/473 mL, 4 oz/118 mL, 8 oz/236 mL

Light Posts

Ra KuUrKu: Sidereal Aquarius 13

Ra KuUrKu: Sun in Sidereal AquariusWelcome to the second episode of Good Rising TV in 2023. I am very excited to be moving in alignment with the Sun and the Milky wauy, instead of trying to keep up with the Moon. The eposode for KuUrKu isn a little bit "late" however,...

Sol Wellness

  Good Rising, Great Awakenings! We are delighted to announce a new location for your KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing Sessions: Sol Wellness, Healing and Education 2150 S. Canalport Ave, 4C-13Chicago, IL 60608 4th Floor of the LACUNA LOFTS, located in the Vibrant,...

Winter Holy Days

Good Rising. Great Awakenings. Winter Solstice 2022: December 21, 21 and 22. The word Solstice means Sun Stops, and everything really does stop at the Winter Solstice! Many Cultures have a holiday around this time: The Hebrew Holy Day Celebration is called Hanukkah,...

Green Flash Sunrise 10/17/22

the-fabled-green-flash_hero. Green Awakening! This event occurred just as portrayed in this tiktok... https://youtube.com/shorts/nUAoauUMh54?feature=share Green Flash Sunrise experience I had been extremely depressed for about 2 weeks following the previous Full Moon....


https://youtu.be/Xd9PEDTpsuU https://www.tiktok.com/@tchiyaamet/video/7146595651302837550?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7135452132242114090 #Chicagohenge 2022! ⠀ Yes Fall Equinox was last night 9/22/22  at 8:05pm ct. the dates & times...

Solar Saturn Opposition + Pluto Return

On August 14, our Sun went conjunct with Saturn. This celestial event took place at the same time as a personal meltdown experience. I only happened to notice it tonight. When I read the description of the alignment, I understood that what had transpired was a...

US Pluto Return in Capricorn: 2-22-2022

One popular astrologer had the audacity to say that Obama signaled Change…HA! That the transit began in 2008.  Rather than focus on the date, because according to NASA and JPL, this transit occurs on March 1, 2023, We will focus on the transit and how we will...

Waya Equoni Pejuta: My Personal Cangleska/ Medicine Wheel

Waya Equoni Pejuta: My Personal Cangleska/ Medicine Wheel Osiyo! Waya Equoni means Wolf River. This is my Tsalagi or Cherokee Name. My Maternal Grandfather, Bernard Henri Johnson,  was called Wolf. His Mother, Eliza Jane Davis, was a full blood Cherokee woman that...

Berkey Water Filters

I first became enamored with Berkey Filters in 2019, th Summer I went to Standing Rock in order to perform with my band at a Festival. The house we stayed at had a Berkey. The rest is history. Water Is Life, and so, for Winter Solstice 2019, I purchased a Berkey. I...

October New Moon 2014: Aspolia (Virgo) again, not Scorpio!

Ra (Sun) in Aspolia (Sidereal Virgo) This is still a Virgo New Moon Eclipse according to NASA, astrology13.com and of course, HeruScopes©! Sidereal Virgo is 44 days long, so we have 2 Virgo New Moons! True Scorpio is only 7 days long, so there it is rare to have a New...

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