AstMaataJi Temple

AstMaataJi is a Ministry of Musical Healing that utilizes music, language, and sound to heal, create, and manifest. The name itself combines 3 of my treasured goddesses and spirit guides, namely Aset, Maat, and Mataji.


Light Being Wellness is a medium for linking with, imparting to, and disseminating among those searching for the Divine Light, Healing, and Sweet Sounds that emanate from the AstMaataJi Temple. Our approach to Non-Traditional Medical Practices is distinctive as it integrates ancient spiritual and ancestral customs.

  • AstMaataJi Temple is a 508/805 ILCS 105 Spiritual (Religious), Educational & Scientific.
  • Non-Profit Organization operated by Light Beings living as Sovereign Human Beings in watery encasements on Planet Earth.
  • AstMaataJi Temple is a 508/805 ILCS 105 Non-Profit Spiritual Faith Based Organization/Private Foundation and is Non-Taxable.

All proceeds and donations will fulfill the mission of this Temple, which is to offer music and sound to contribute to the global awakening by elevating vibrations and frequencies.

Our goal is to merge ancient wisdom, music, and sound healing to help restore Maat upon the Earth.

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