KemeTones Offerings, Services and Packages

Welcome to KemeTones Offerings, Services and Packages!   Now that you have taken the time to learn more about KemeTones, the time has come to decide what package is best for you! Of course, you can still choose to receive a Cosmic Sound Healing instead. Review these options here!   KemeTones draws on the Culture of Kemet (Ancient African Egyptian)…

It’s Personal: Winter 2016 Planetary Alignment Part 2

    [su_heading size=”37″ align=”left” margin=”30″]It’s Personal: Winter 2016 Planetary Alignment Part 2[/su_heading]   Yes, this is the Personal Observation of the current alignment. Normally, I combine the two but this event is too big for just one post, at least from my perspective. This will contain a timeline of the event as it unfolded and revealed great truths to…

Blue Lotus Speaks: June Update Tchiya Amet Day Wrap Up!

Good Rising and Great Awakenings! This is the wrap up to Tchiya Amet Day June 7, 2015. Blue Lotus Speaks: June Update Here is the recording of an interview that was done at KMEC in Ukiah with Ras James Snidow. We know each other from Austin, TX!   I spoke about  the incident at the Reggae on the River…

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