It’s Personal: Winter 2016 Planetary Alignment Part 2



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Yes, this is the Personal Observation of the current alignment. Normally, I combine the two but this event is too big for just one post, at least from my perspective. This will contain a timeline of the event as it unfolded and revealed great truths to me. My intention is that this will somehow assist you along your journey, or at least help you when looking back on the events.

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It’s Personal: Winter 2016 Planetary Alignment Part 2

The Alignment began on January 20. I was just returning from successfully completing my first KemeTones Certification and Retreat in Jamaica. That Mercury Retrograde however, got me pretty good with all kinds of technical difficulties. However, the Portal of Djehuty Opening provided a way for deep communication, truths revealed, lessons learned, and of course, sharing the wisdom and the teachings.  I did not even find out about the alignment until it had already begun! I KNEW that I had to write about this. However, I ALSO knew that it would be unwise for me to begin the investigation, let alone, using the computer for this report, UNTIL THE PORTAL OF DJEHUTY HAD CLOSED. Until Mercury Retrograde was over! This was very difficult, as I was very excited, and wanted to get the news out to the people as soon as possible.


Anyway, I kept myself occupied with other things, and put the celestial event out of my mind. I did not even unpack my suitcase until Mercury Retrograde was over!


January 25, Mercury Retrograde ended. I spent the day catching up on emails. I was also preparing to go Tulum Mexico for the Tulum Winterfest. Then, I found out that the event had been cancelled. I was kinda bummed, But the airlines website also mentioned that there was heavy violence and to consider postponing any travels to Mexico. There is always a gift in adversity, so I took this as a sign that it was best to remain at home.


Next, LLuvia’s new video was released. This was exciting because her birthday was coming up on the 27th, and this would be great exposure for the Benefit Concert that would be happening in less than a week. The benefit for the Chicago Redemption of course! You can read about this here, Chicago Redemption, or the

anyway, here is the video! no that is not LLuvia in the video….



and here is the write up.

We Like to Turn Up When We’re Sad: Meet Drama Duo, and Watch Their New Video for “Hopes Up”

I must admit, I had my hopes up about the write-up. They were talking about the dancers in the video, representing a Hispanic young man and the young Muslim woman wearing the scarf. And then Lluvia was quoted as saying  “Na’el is Muslim and I am Mexican.”  silence.  well, I know I should not take things personal. But I was crushed. II felt like her entire African heritage had been denied or ignored. Including, her mother. I felt invisible, not the first time something like this happened either… I tried to talk to her about my feelings, but it was right before her birthday, and I did not want to be so petty.  (this might be a good moment to revisit the part 1 to review the info from the reading….) So I said nothing. That was my old way of handling difficult situations, say nothing, do nothing. But, that usually means that at some moment in the future, there will be a big blowup. sigh.)


I kept looking online at cultural news and current events. I actually enjoy spending precious moments, that could be spent more productively, skimming thru social media for gems and tools.  like the one I am about to show you. Yes, I came across this shortly after the video write-up.  #astroSH


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 2.34.24 PM


#astroSH yes, a movement to uncover sexual harassment in astronomy departments. HELLO? sound familiar?  If you know anything at all about me, you know what happened next. I made a cup of tea. I cried. I did a pendulum reading. I consulted the Ancestors and Guides, prayed. and then I added my experience.

more silence,

I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning, I managed to communicate my feelings to my daughter. She informed me that the writers left out the dialogue where she described in detail her complete lineage, and about the family efforts to maintain the property.

Later that day, there were several tweets and comments about my story, so someone had read about it. A few reporters contacted me, and even someone from a congresswoman’s office. I was not really trying to “get anything” as many asked of me. I just wanted to share my experience, and perhaps warn others, or help find others that had same experience at UT Austin in the Astronomy department.  #astroSH confirmed that I was not alone.  Someone had mentioned this to me 10 years ago about Astronomy departments, but I did not know the depth or the degree, or that it was a longstanding mess. However, the silence also showed me that #astroSH is 1) just for #whitefeminism and/or 2) Neil de Grasse Tyson is both very popular and powerful, and people are angry that I said anything about it.

Also on this day, I learned that although it was too late to be booked as an entertainer, I would be able to get a booth, at a rate I can afford, at a festival in Negril Jamaica! The Stepping High Ganja Festival. This is amazing because Ganja only just recently became legal in Jamaica! HOW ABSURD IS THAT????? (I was in Cairo the summer after the revolution over there. This is a trend I can get used to.)

This festival has become the beginning of another aspect of my vision manifesting: international wellness tours. After the festival, we are planning to have a workshop at a yoga studio in Kingston. Then a radio interview conducted by Mutabaruka, at his request. And the week will end with a free concert and free KemeTones sound healing sessions in Portland. I will be available for one-on-one sessions or consultations in between the scheduled events.

At first, I thought I was “only” going to build a Wellness Center in Ecuador. Now, I see that there will be Kemetic Wellness Centers all around the World, wherever the Diaspora are. And I will be conducting Tours to visit the various Wellness Centers. Things are actually falling into place, or rising into space. Manifesting. materializing, right before my eyes.

Large clouds of gas glowing deep in space

Back to the planetary alignment!

The next day, January 27, was Lluvia’s birthday. The concert date is getting close. I pulled out photos from when our family was young, and put together a collage. I also recorded her birth story.

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Here is the birthstory




You gotta take a look at her birth chart. it is interesting to compare to the chart for 1990 and for 2016. there is great alignment in both cases. You can see the charts here at part 1


In both of these cases, normally, I might have remained silent.  but where has that gotten me? Only to erupt at another moment in time. Better to face it now, in the moment. Trusting my actions, and the words that come from my mouth, or are typed with my fingers.

all I can say at this moment is that I felt like the universe is/was making a necklace with my life. each moment or experience: like a new bead or a pearl. a new precious stone or gem, packed with positive vibrations and potential. Just like the chart of the planetary alignment.



My life was dazzling and twinkling with magical gems and moments. I could feel the energy building, and I did not want it to stop.


I am not sure what will come of the #astroSH or my announcement about the rape incident. I can tell you that it felt good to look into the events, the past, to reconnect with people that knew me back then, it felt good to ask questions that I was too afraid to ask back then. It feels good to go forward with the steps and taking actions that I could not take back then. It feels good to examine the different direction that my life took after the incident. I can honestly say that this healing journey, through and beyond my trauma, will allow me to become an even greater healer in the areas of surviving sexual assault and also healing PTSS. I am looking forward to what comes next.


It has been very challenging to finish this article, because things are happening everyday. Besides, I have yet to even observe the alignment due to all of the wonderful rain and cloudy weather. All I can do is observe it unfolding…

Back to the week of events…

There was one article published in QuantumGtravity with Hontas Farmer.
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Accused of Rape: #astroSH Was Mainly Silent.

contained this shocking post

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.25.34 PM


I learned that twitter is more than just for social media. It is like a mini battle ground for people to express themselves and have arguments with people they may never see in person.  Up until this week, I had only experienced the positive and fun side of twitter. the networking aspect of twitter. The spontaneous, in the moment aspects. This was something else. Not sure if I will travel there so freely in the future. I did get sucked in to a few battles with trolls and Tyson supporters. The person that posted this meme blocked me from seeing their posts! I can only imagine the fun these people had with my story and subsequent comments. I even deleted a few of my comments! LOL!

Next on the timeline is the concert fundraiser. The Youth raised over $2000 to go towards the apartment building fund!

Here are a few highlights, plus a great write-up.


(Yes, they made it sound like LLuvia is single handedly saving the apartment building. Yes, it was the editor that did this, not LLuvia.) I learned that when you are interviewed, it is crucial to read the article RIGHT before it is published.  Anyway, it was a tremendous success, and YES! I will be performing at the VICTORY CELEBRATION!!! I am so proud of my star child , and her sistars, #MedicineWoman. They really came together in a big way, for the good of the community!


Talking about the painting before it was auctioned off. Shout out to Bryan Murillo #whatatime


Posted by Via Rosa on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

via painting




Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.19.31 PM



On Sunday, the day of the concert, I wrote a song that I feel I wrote over a thousand years ago. It came through effortlessly. I had been waiting years for the lyrics, the 42 Laws of Maat in the Medu Neter. Special Thanks to Rhonda King for gifting me with this fabulous poster from



I will be posting that recording soon, just wanted to acknowledge more things falling into place.

This alignment lasts until February 20. I am sure there will be many more alignments. Perhaps I shall write about them too.


The last personal alignment that I want to share is this:

I just found out that last night, KemeTones was featured on TV Jamaica Entertainment report! This is right on time for the upcoming KemeTones Wellness Tour. March 4-13, Jamaica. One of the goals for this adventure is to ensure my spot in the lineup for these festivals next year, featuring KEMETIC REGGAE MUSIC FROM KEMETONES.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading through my timeline for the second week of the alignment. It’s Personal: Winter 2016 Planetary Alignment Part 2. Please share your comments and experiences with the community in the comment section below. HOTEP!



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