Blue Lotus Speaks: June Update Tchiya Amet Day Wrap Up!

Good Rising and Great Awakenings!

This is the wrap up to Tchiya Amet Day June 7, 2015.
Blue Lotus Speaks: June Update

Here is the recording of an interview that was done at KMEC in Ukiah with Ras James Snidow.
We know each other from Austin, TX!


I spoke about  the incident at the Reggae on the River event last year, about, Tchiya Amet Day. I even made the statement about being “Too Black for Reggae! LOL!!!


During the promotion of the event, I was astounded to learn how many women chose removal over clearing and healing. Women my age were telling me, “I got that removed years ago”, or, ” My womb has seen so much assault, I am just gonna have them cut that shit right out of me”.  I wanted to cry each time I heard their answer.

Anyway, somehow got through  the entire day without taking photographs.  A day without smartphones! Talk about healing!

As was suggested by a good friend that is also an Elder, I spent the morning/opening ceremony making sacred space. I was instructed to make offering as at the 4 Directions, open the portal, and ask for protection. I asked for protection for myself, the ,and, and my neighborhood in particular. A crack van had been parked across the street from my home for weeks, or months. On June 5th, they tried to park one directly in front of my home, blocking the driveway. I told them they had to move, I even called the cops! (The cops claim they could not find my house, THEN  told me they know there is no illegal activity going on across the street because they were there the previous week to arrest someone, and saw no illegal activity. SHEESH!!)

Needless to say, the opening ceremony took longer than I had planned, due to the fact that I had broken one of my baby toes a few days earlier. Barely missing the place where my foot had been broken last Fall. Yes, it was a limping ceremony.


I started a batch of Womb Wellness Sun Tea. Red Raspberry Leaf, Woman’s Wellness from Ukiah Co-op, Flower Tea and Mugwort. Special Thanks to Melissa at Mancinelli Farm for donating Flower Tea and Mugwort to the event.



At around 10 am, I announced via social media that it was time  to start the Spiral Dance for Womb Clearing.  I also offered prayers. Can watch the video at the Blue Lotus Speaks webpage:


The first client was not scheduled to arrive until 1pm, so, I made some lunch.

I made SPIRAL SQUASH PASTA>first time I had successfully used this fancy vegi slicer!  Really into spirals these days…

I served some cooked, and some raw. Not sure why it was so delicious, but I may never buy pasta again. You could not tell this was a vegetable and not pasta. Too busy eating it to think about it after a few bites…






Womb Clearings

I had a few problems with the scheduler, and so the appointments were back to back, and did not leave space for the other activities. However, the womb clearing sessions went great, and I got some wonderful ideas and Divine feedback on how to make things go smoother next time.  We drank the Womb Wellness Tea, and got to know each other better. We all wish that we had more time! I had a strategy session phone call that evening that also proved to be very beneficial.

There was such a good response, that I AM GOING TO START OFFERING FREE WOMB CLEARINGS TWICE A MOON (MONTH) AT THE ASTMAATAJI TEMPLE OF DIVINE LIGHT HEALING AND SWEET SOUNDS (i.e., at my home healing space and Temple). This was suggested by the same Elder that told me to open the portal for the event. Once a moon, there will be a special time in the

Waya Equoni Pejuta: Cangleska/ Medicine Wheel
(click on link for the webpage)

for the community for singing, chanting prayers and wisdom sharing.

Medicine Wheel Page at






AND FOR THE BROTHERS, I am in the process of developing an ANUS CLEARING. for those that have survived sodomy. Men and Women. It is a difficult subject to tackle, but together, we CAN heal this planet, one being of light at a time….LOOK FOR THE KEY WORD, URANUS CLEARING, so it won’t sound quite so unusual and unappealing. It will be sound healing and energetic cleansing, have no worries or fears. I have a special treatment for damage done to the bloodline, and now I will have one for this situation as well.

KEMETONES Womb Clearings and Uranus Clearings. STAY TUNED!


Later that night, I fell out, exhausted. I spent alot of energy getting the space cleaned and ready for the Day.

THE NEXT RISING, WHEN I WENT OUT TO GREET MY DOGS AND THE SUN, ONE OF THE CRACK RVS WAS GONE!!!! By the end of the day, the SECOND RV WAS GONE. They cleaned up the area, and you cannot even tell it had been there for 4 months or longer!!!! PRAYERS WORKED:  THE TEMPLE SPACE AND STREET AREA HAVE BEEN CLEARED. MUCH GRATITUDE!

Later that day, I started burning the brush. There is still quite a bit left, so the bonfire has been in progressive stages. Kinda wondering why did I hold onto that stuff for so long? Just like holding onto to pain, or sadness, memories, or material items that hold sentimentality. BURN IT! RELEASE THE ENERGY! LET GO OF THE SADNESS. When it comes p, acknowledge, then let it go, Don’t just hold onto it and act like that shit don’t hurt! LOL!!! IT HURTS! SAY OUCH< then move on. (Lesson to Self)


A few days later, I FINALLY did some KemeTones womb clearing on my own womb. So much sadness has been coming through. Once that was complete, I closed the portal that I had opened, and have since then returned to normal consciousness. I am looking forward to rising to the challenge of offering more womb clearings, and of course, the Uranus Clearings.

The future of Tchiya Amet Day depends on the present moment: getting stronger, and learning more about womb wellness, Uranus Clearings, and becoming the conquerors of my trauma and assault, and leading and guiding others to do the same . The location of next year’s event is at this time a mystery.  Last year, after the event, I stepped forward ready to help others, then had a series of violations to face. I can tell you one thing, I am staying away from events that are out of alignment with Maat, like Reggae on the River, and therefore, will keep me at a lower risk of being violated again in a public place. Being violated again in my home? NOT HAPPENING> I have learned how to speak up in the moment and stop protecting weak minded, deceptive evil individuals that would do me harm. That is what Tchiya Amet Day 2015 has been about for Tchiya Amet!  PEACE> HOTEP> DOHIYI>NAMASTE>IN ALL FOUR DIRECTION. AHO!

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