Blue Lotus Speaks: June Update Tchiya Amet Day Wrap Up!

Sidereal Capricorn

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June 15, 2015

Good Rising TV Rises Again on Friday January 20 when the Sun moves into Sidereal Capricorn, Hupeneius..

Dua Ra m Geb.

I realize that many people adhere to western imperialism & believe that Capricornus is evil, that it looks like the Devil. In reality, it is just a goat, or a sea goat. They also say that Saturn, which rules Capricorn, is Satan.

In the Neterian tradition, there is no devil, there is no Satan. There is Set, the Neteru of Egoism. The HeruScopes response to this thinking: once again the west has turned things around, upside down backwards & forwards etc. This will be discussed during the transmission.

Good Rising TV (TRUE VISION) will feature the full arsenal of Divine Light, Healing & Sweet Sounds emanating from AstMaataJi Temple & Light Being Wellness. Including yet not limited to Sound Healing, Cosmic Chimes, Chanting, Chakra Clearings, Womb Wellness, Kemetic Wisdom, Energy Healing, Tuning Forks, Astrology Assessments, Pendulum Readings, Herbalism, Natural Living, Natural Healing, Yoga, Self Care, Sacred Geometry, Turtle Island Wisdom & Medicine,Ancient African Spirituality & Culture. Just reading this list is healing! Lol!!

Guided by goddesses Aset & Sesheta, together we will take a cosmic journey as we follow Ra through the 13 Constellations along the Ecliptic.  With Celestial forecasts and Cosmic Remedies to assist as we Sail through Life in Peace & with Joy.

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Still riding the wave from the Eclipse in May and the Green Flash Sunrise in October. 2023 is already a winner!!

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