Are you intrigued by the Smoke in the Air from fires that they say are taking place in Canada, however, when you talk with people that LIVE in Canada, they will tell you that there are no fires? Many people feel and know that the skies are filled with smoke, the skies are fillerd with ChemTrails, because they are trying…

KemeTones Self Care Webinar Series Replays

KemeTones Self Care Webinar Series Replays On this page, you can watch ALL the replays from the webinar series! INNER JOY! and Self Healing httpss:// httpss:// httpss://   httpss:// httpss:// httpss://   httpss://     httpss://   httpss://     httpss:// httpss://   httpss://

KemeTones Offerings, Services and Packages

Welcome to KemeTones Offerings, Services and Packages!   Now that you have taken the time to learn more about KemeTones, the time has come to decide what package is best for you! Of course, you can still choose to receive a Cosmic Sound Healing instead. Review these options here!   KemeTones draws on the Culture of Kemet (Ancient African Egyptian)…

Kemetones: HeruScopes NEW VIDEO!! 101

KemeTones©: HeruScopes© 101 NEW VIDEO!!   Learn about YOUR Ra Sign, the Neteru, and the Cosmic Forces known as the Planets. These are just a few of the topics that we will cover in detail during the upcoming Align with Sirius Rising KemeTones© Level 1 Certification and Retreat in Portland, JA.  July 12-19, 2015  

Class Registration, Tools and Books for Acutonics© Level 1: Sound Gates to Harmonic Meridians

Class Registration, Tools and Books Acutonics Level 1: Sound Gates to Harmonic Meridians THE NEXT CLASS OFFERING: KEMETONES ACUTONICS LEVEL 1 WILL BE HELD JULY 12-19 PORTLAND, JAMAICA Contact Tchiya Amet at cosmic at for more information. Or, you can call the KemeTones Class Hotline! 541-251-3949     CLASS REGISTRATION THE REGULAR PRICE FOR THE TRAINING AND RETREAT, INCLUDING LODGING,…

KemeTones in Jamaica 2015 Class Info Kit

Good Rising! Welcome to the KEMETONES IN JAMAICA 2015: Cosmic Sound Healing Level 1 Acutonics Certification Class and Retreat Info Kit SOUND GATES TO MERIDIAN HARMONICS KemeTones© is the Kemetic Solution to Acutonics© Healing and Training. The Acutonics System is based on Greek Mythology and History. Whereas, KemeTones© is in alignment with the Neteru, the Cosmic Forces of the Universe,…

Introductory Intervals of Planetary Acutonics© Tuning Forks

Introductory Intervals of Planetary Acutonics © Tuning Forks for KemeTones Acutonics Level 1 Certification Training Our system and methodology utilizes both energetic point combinations that draw on the ancient and contemporary roots of Oriental Medicine and a system of musical intervals that are created when Acutonics® Tuning Forks are used in combination with each other. When specific tuning fork intervals are…

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