Dua! Sopdu Uben Nefer & Kemetic New Year 38,781 (2015)!

Dua! Sopdu Uben Nefer & Kemetic New Year 38,781 (2015)! Good Rising and GREATEST Awakenings! With LUVIBRATIONS from HeruScopes©!!        If you are new to Sirius Rising, here is some background information to get you going with the SPIRAL DANCE!!! The Sirius Star System Sirius Rising and the Dog Days of Summer   Sirius Culmination is December 31 Sirius Culmination Viewing Guide this…

Sirius Culmination Viewing Guide

Good Sirius Culmination and Great Awakening! In other words, Hapi New Year! While most of the world is partying, drinking champagne and celebrating  with other worldly ways, in Ancient Kemet and in Contemporary Neterian Communities, December 31 is a most auspicious moment in the cycle of the Sirius Star System. Sirius is divinely related to the Goddess Aset (Isis). The Neteru,…

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