Letter to Fans of this Music

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Dearest Fans of this Music

As you know, my life has taken a new direction. This means my music is also taking a new direction. Thank you for your support!

In recent years, as I have been focused on my own healing from various traumas, my divorce, and the death of my parents, my focus has branched off into KemeTones: Cosmic Sound Healing. For financial as well as for personal reasons. My Spirituality has evolved and my roots have grown deeper into Ancient Kemet and the sacred darkness, the Blackness that exists in between the stars, the Blackness that is the source of all life, of all that is. This Sacred Darkness, this Divine Blackness refers to more than just the color of the soil of Kemet, more than must the color of our skin. This encompasses all of the elements of my rich and my diverse heritage and experiences, be it Rasta, Hebrew, Hindu, Buddhism, my Indigenous Roots: Lakota and Tsalagi (Cherokee). Olmec/Mayan, Dogon, and of course, Kemet. And beyond….

After my recent experience at Reggae on the River, I wondered if my music career as a reggae artist had come to an end. I had grown tired of participating in a community that thrives on the misappropriation of culture as well as the proliferation of deadly drugs/chemicals, violence, lack of respect for the Divine Feminine, and the ever present  abundance of  alcohol. Until just the other day, close to the end of this Mercury Retrograde, the closing of this powerful Portal of Djehuty, which ended on February 11. Then it dawned on me: remember the Reggae band: The Heptones?

KemeTones does not only refer to Cosmic Sound Healing. KemeTones refers to all of my musical projects and ventures, because my music IS Cosmic Sound Healing as well. Remember my very first band, DOGON SIRIUS????? This music draws on the Ancestral Cosmic Forces  of the 4 Directions. If you have been following me for awhile, you may recall when I was writing a lot about Sirius and Pyramid cultures around the world, and how in one sense, they are all Kemetic, or descendants of and/or variations thereof. In fact, I see Ancient Egypt or Kemet as THE LAST DAYS of a civilization that is far more ancient, far greater, far more vast than anyone could ever imagine. Basically, the same culture, in different locations in time and space. I will be writitng more about this again in the very near future, but for the time being, once again, I refer you to the book, “WHEN ROCKS CRY OUT” by Horace Butler. 


Deep space nebulae


In honor of this realization, this rebirth, this emergence of my authentic divine musical self , I have decided to celebrate in two ways:

  1. Beginning sometime around the New Moon, February 18, I will be releasing one song a day for 40 days. Sometimes, old, sometimes new. Sometimes written in the moment! Sometimes, just recorded on my laptop with garageband!
    SIGN UP HERE FOR THE 40 Day Musical GiveAWay!
  2. For a limited time, also for the next 40 days, ALL 4 OF MY PROFESSIONALLY RECORDED cds will be available for just $7 each, or 2 for $10,  including shipping and handling. THIS INCLUDES THE YET TO BE RELEASED, TCHIYA AMET SURVIVES THE TEXAS TORNADO DUB COLLECTION.

40 Day Crazy Wonderful CD Sale!

In the past, the CDs have sold for $15 PLUS shipping and handling. This offer will not last forever, so if you have ever wanted to show some love, NOW IS THE TIME. Think of this as my own gofundme prohject!

KemeTones is not a break from the music you have come to know and love from Tchiya Amet and the Light House Band, or from Milky Way Records and Productions. but will represent the evolution of Tchiya Amet: roots music, celestial music, devotional hymns, chants and prayers. ALL of it! I have been in an extended moment of transition,  the phase of labor, right before giving birth.  I have been hiding and healing in a cocoon, waiting for the moment of breakthrough, and also the moment to begin to fly freely like the butterfly, another powerful symbol of transformation.


Speaking of Rebirth, what do you think TCHIYA means? Rebirth, Renewal, Regeneration, Rejuvenation, and Resurrection.  And what about Amet? TRUTH!

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HERE is the link to the FREE MUSIC OFFERINGS: 40 Day Musical GiveAway!


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In order to purchase the CDs at this special discounted price,

ONE CD FOR $7, incl shipping and handling

TWO CDs FOR $10, incl shipping and handling.

click here! 40 Day Crazy Wonderful CD Sale


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I pray that you are as excited about this as I am, and am looking forward to what manifests!



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