We Can Heal Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome with Sound: KemeTones

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This is NOT an article about what is Post Traumatic Syndrome. Nor is this an article to convince you that it exists. If you do not think that racism exists, then this article is not for you either. For that kind of information, just do a google search for anything produced or published by

Joy DeGruy | Be The Healing
(this is her website link)



This video is a perfect example of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. Yes, it is from SOUTH America, in Brasil. Outside of Africa, more Black People live in Brasil than anyplace else in the world. Way more than the US. People are shocked to learm that Black People in Brasil also check the little box that reads, “African American”! LOL!! They live in SOUTH America…
from clutch magazine online


The Brazilian carnival queen deemed ‘too black’Nayara Justino thought her dreams had come true when she was selected as the Globeleza carnival queen in 2013. But some in Brazil regarded her complexion to be too dark to be an acceptable queen

Posted by The Guardian on Wednesday, February 10, 2016


and this comment  brings it home, hits it right out of the ball park.

Daniel Ikechuku Ebeledi “Love” is never the ONLY factor that influences a relationship especially when it comes to marriage. Remember what her relative said in the video,” all of her family are marrying white people, so in a few generations there will no longer be any black people in the family”….that’s not just a coincidence there is a psychological undertone to everything. Also google “Blanqueamiento” to have a better understanding of racial perception in Brazil. There was a “whitening” process that was once instituted a couple of centuries ago. Every generation influences the subsequent generation so the mentality still holds to this day. However, a person is only a victim of circumstances, her and her family’s partner preferences have been influenced by history.

When I see this video, after getting over the shock of seeing women practically naked, with their garments painted on their bodies, I felt deeply saddened to see how we have been brainwashed to reject our melanin. So much self hatred, and the mindset (Mind of Set)  is still in shackles from the slave owners. When the Mother makes the comment about no more Black People in her family, because all of the youth have married White people. What can be done about that? “her and her family’s partner preferences have been influenced by history” Let’s reverse this trend before Blackness has become extinct.
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What is powerful enough to transform someone’s mindset, increase health and wellness, open the flow for abundance and opportunity. Expansion of consciousness? Intergenerational and ancestral? What is powerful enough, non-invasive and inexpensive? Long lasting with no side effects, only benefits? and NO PAIN? Well except for the pain of letting go of things that NEVER served you! What modality can easily be applied to and by everyone in the household? Even children can use these healing tools? And this modality also works on animals and pets.
Quote from Dr. Joy:
PTSS Study Guide pg. 39
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We Can Heal Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome with Sound: KemeTones
So then, what IS this post about? This post is about SOLUTIONS, or one possible solution anyway.
KemeTones: Cosmic Sound Healing. This post is about a journey, my own self care and self healing. Your self care and healing, The Healing of our Family Members, our Families. Our Communities and The Healing of Our Nation. Yes, Our Black Nation specifically, because Our Black Nation IS THE HUMAN FAMILY.  This post is about a response, not a definition.
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KemeTones© uses Acutonics© tuning forks that are 1) tuned to the planetary frequencies based on Kepler’s calculations, and we all know that he studied in Kemet. and 2) these tuning forks are placed directly onto the body, or in the energy field, based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Of course you already know about the African Roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine. If not, watch the Cosmic Sound healing Video series for a brief introduction….

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With KemeTones, we are able to eliminate blocks: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intergenerational, and ancestral. ELIMINATES ENERGY BLOCKS, RE-ESTABLISHES THE FLOW OF ENERGY. This is why I am confident that this healing modality can assist in healing from PTSS. The idea behind PTSS is to heal from the cause, not just patch up or even worse, cover up the symptoms. Rather than looking at each individual symptom as a disease, look at what each one of these symptoms has in common: slavery is at the root, and heal from the effects. Yes, instead of only dealing with the individual effects, deal with the one cause. Once we remove the BLOCK to the flow of the energy of our selves, and eventually Our Nation, the symptoms will also be eliminated.  There are plenty of documented cases of PTSD, trauma, all of these various symptoms that we have been living with for centuries or longer, being healed with Acutonics. The next step is to apply the KemeTones protocols, that are being designed sand developed specifically for this purpose, eliminating and healing from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and no other,

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Here are the relevant charts from this presentation. I suppose this episode is what gave me the idea to really tackle PTSS head on….as Baba Pillai says: “Live Life 200%: 100% Spiritual and 100% Physical”! This is exactly how we do it at KemeTones.

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These charts were part of a research project sponsored by the Army to find relief for some of their victims, I mean soldiers. The results were fantastic, and you would think that all military bases would be equipped with acupuncturists,  energy workers, and more. But that would mean they actually WANTED the killing to stop and for everyone to be at peace. We all know that this is NOT the reason for the military, but I digress.

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In addition to these meridians, we will also be examining various points, chakras and meridians. I will be posting my findings, and the contributions from others, in this section of tchiya.com, as well as at the KemeTones Rekh Ab Study Group on facebook.

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Here are some of the combinations and points that we will be investigating over the next several months. Even if you have not taken the classes, you can learn more about these TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) practices by doing a google search online, or a standard book on TCM. Remember, these are AFRICAN ROOTS Teachings!


Yin Wei


Yan Wei


Step 1. REN 22 clears anger, from living someone else’s truth (or their lies!(
Step 2. Djehuty, Anpu: Opens the Gates; Solar 7th: Access Ashkaic Records LU 3 (Heavenly Residence)

Step 3. Sedna; Kidneys Yin Qiao Mai, Yang Qiao Mai. Yang Wei; UB 62-SI 3

Step 4

Step 5. Three Treasures

Step 6. Anger, stress, mindfulness: Use Zodiac Ohm Octave; Chong, Yin Wei

Step 7. Independence: Heru; Mothers with baggage: Dai Mai Belt

Step 8. Willingness to do together, no matter what: LIVER; Selfless Service: Block Clearing

Step 9. Inner Strength

Step 10. Solar: Alcoholism and drug abuse; letting go of addictions; Hospice


This is just the very beginning of this investigation. These suggestions were compiled at the very first KemeTones Certification, January 2016. What must be done next is research to see how these protocols affect the lives of the patients, and ultimately, the Diaspora.

You can start working on yourself and your loved ones, even if you have yet to acquire your own tuning forks. You can use acupressure! Same principles apply. You can download your own charts online. When you are ready to join us, the KemeTones practitioners, you can attend the trainings certifications or retreats and become a certified KemeTones Practitioner. Or, simply purchase a Self Care Kit. Contact Tchiya by clicking on the blue button to the lower right corner of every page at this website.

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I have been gathering information on PTSD, and developing protocols for PTSS that are based on Dr. Joy’s work, as well as my own observations and experiences. The KemeTones initiates, practitioners, students and myself are working together to develop solutions to this problem waiting to be solved. I am planning on conducting KEMETONES WELLNESS TOURS AND HEALING CONCERTS to conduct my research and fulfill my healing mission. Perhaps coming to YOUR neighborhood soon. The very first tour is scheduled for March 4-13, 2016, in Jamaica. Stay tuned for more information

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 The KemeTones Self Care Webinar Series was initiated on Sept. 7, 2015. In December, we began to focus on PTSS, based on the Study Guide by Dr. Joy. Here is the initial webinar and also the slide share from that presentations.
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[slideshare id=55953097&doc=ptsskemetonesintro-151208224227-lva1-app6891]
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In March, we will start again with the Introduction, and go through all of the Sankofa Steps. We will also learn about and discuss the meridians, chakras, and other applicable techniques for this healing protocol.  This is a work in progress, as I am taking myself through this journey. In fact, as soon as I first began the series in December 2015, I could see and feel the shifts that were already taking place. Technical difficulties ensued, and then, well LIFE HAPPENED! I am ready to start again, and am looking forward to seeing you  EVERY TUESDAY AT 5 PM PST/8 PM EST. (note day change!)
You can watch the entire series at the Webinar Page at tchiya.com
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At one time, we were actually the currency in this country. In fact, this confederate paper money is now a piece of art. Here is one of my favorites from “THE COLOR OF MONEY” COLLECTION. This piece is called “SLAVE PROFITS” Artist John Jones
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Slave Profits
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Beyonce, and of course her song “Formation”, are proof that we ALL need healing from PTSS. Not sure if this is activism or capitalism. But perhaps this has made it “cool” to discuss or at least express our feelings about these issues.  I spoke with one Black Panther and one of the Last Poets. I also spoke to a Babaloue. They all thought her performance was great, and a good thing. They are proud of her and grateful to her , for taking a stand, and opening the way for   the rest of us to step forward and speak out. I suppose compared to Brasil, Beyonce is fully clothed!!
This work is a work in progress, especially on myself, and in my own life. One reason it has taken me so long to launch my programs is because I am continually going through the healing process myself. I am grateful to be working on this project, and looking forward to challenges that are ahead with healing from PTSS. Right now, it appears that we as a Nation are divided: some folks want to forget the past and live the American Dream, while others want to expose all of lies, violations, betrayals, i.e, the toxins of the past, so that we can purify, heal, and become whole again. It is a process that will bring up many emotions, and will ask us to make  changes in our lives that will benefit future generations.
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This work can be done on yourself, your family members, by your self, with no additional training. You can purchase a Self Care Kit. CONTACT TCHIYA AT KEMETONES TO PURCHASE SELF CARE KIT. cosmic at tchiya.com.

Or, you can receive your own one-on-one sessions by a certified KemeTones Practitioner, I also offer family packages. You can attend workshops, you can participate in the webinars, or, you can become certified yourself, and help us with this great work. I invite you to schedule a Cosmic Navigation Strategy Session, so that we can determine what is the next step for you and your loved ones. Click on the blue button at the lower right corner of this page.


Tchiya Amet El Maat




  • jYen Nefer Maat,
    Posted February 21, 2016 5:19 am

    Peace sis. What a beautiful work. I am looking forward to learning more.

    • Tchiya Amet,
      Posted February 21, 2016 7:22 am

      Dua! Thank you for taking the time to visit the page, and for reaching out! Please join the mailing list. Looking forward to seeing you on the upcoming webinars. Hotep!

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