A Lovely Day at the Creek

A Lovely Day at the Creek with Sybil, and with Ilu. I dare not take them at the same time! Walking to the creek is dangerous these days, because many dogs are fenced in, yet, they can escape at will. Many dogs can crawl under the gate, and a few can simply hop over the fences! I know, becauseI had to have my fencesd extended to TEN FEET HIGH because Sybil and her brother geronimo could easily hop over the Six foot tall fences…


Anyhoo, the rains have stopped for a few days, and so it was time to go for a walk to the Creek. We used to go for long hikes by the Eel River, alas, I have been without wheels for 5.5 years, and we must make do with the Creek, or sometimes, it is just a creekbed. Still it is a “peace of nature” that is available to everyone in the Valley, and I am thankful to live so close.


The first day, I took Sybil.

ASIDE: I alternate walks. And believe me, they keep track. One time, Ilu had acted up, so I took Sybil for a walk twice in a row. Ilu was FURIOUS! So, how did she get me back? SHE ESCAPED.! Now, I know that Iluaki (which means, One Who Does Good Things in Inuit) and Sybil can escape anytime they darn well please! LOL!! They are just being respectful and kind by staying in the yard. Funny thing is that Ilu escaped into the neighbor’s yard, and was trapped until he let her out! HAHA!


Back to the Creek…. watch the entire playlist.


I’ve Known Rivers by Tchiya Amet











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