A Lovely Day at the Creek

A Lovely Day at the Creek with Sybil, and with Ilu. I dare not take them at the same time! Walking to the creek is dangerous these days, because many dogs are fenced in, yet, they can escape at will. Many dogs can crawl under the gate, and a few can simply hop over the fences! I know, becauseI had…

My Roof WAS on FIRE! Dua Tefnut: My Fire Water Story

The Roof, the Roof, My Roof WAS on FIRE! Dua Tefnut: Gratitude Fire Water Goddess My Fire Water Story   On Sunday June 28, 2015, there were two fires in Round Valley. Here is my Fire Water Story. Here is a slide show of my yard and the neighborhood¬† after the fire. [su_carousel source=”media: 1582,1581,1580,1579,1571,1572,1573,1574,1575,1576,1577,1578,1570,1569,1568,1567,1566,1565,1564,1563,1555,1556,1557,1558,1559,1560,1561,1562,1554,1553,1552,1551″ limit=”36″ link=”image” height=”500″ items=”1″] Ukiah…

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