Winter Holy Days

Good Rising. Great Awakenings.

Winter Solstice 2022: December 21, 21 and 22.

The word Solstice means Sun Stops, and everything really does stop at the Winter Solstice! Many Cultures have a holiday around this time: The Hebrew Holy Day Celebration is called Hanukkah, lasts 8 nights and occurs at the New Moon closest to the Winter Solstice. Most people in USA and those that have been assimilated by Western Imperialism and Christianity observe Christmas, 3 days after the Solstice, without knowing the origin of this date. Then of course Kwanzaa was scheduled to occur between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which is actually an observance of Sirius Culmination. The significance of the Winter Solstice is that the Sun is Re-Born, after “dying” by rising in the same place for 3 days. This is one time of the year that we cannot deny what occurs in nature. This year, Chicago was hit with a huge snow storm and freezing cold temperatures: everything stopped for a few days…

Many western holy days were chosen way back in 454 AD, when the Church was attempting to eliminate Pagan cultures in Europe, by convincing them that the=is new religion could easily replace their traditions. They were also told that if they did not comely they would be killed. Many leaders died that day because they refused to accept. Then of course, their villages were destroyed and the people were massacred. This is how Christmas came to be selected at the Winter Solstice. Christmas also combines elements of many European traditions, the Yule log, Mistletoe, gift giving, etc.

The Spiral Dance is one tradition from the Indigenous People of the North. It is the Wheel of Life on Earth, The Natural Holy Days: Solstices, Equinoxes and the Mid-Seasons.

The Medicine Wheel is a tradition of the Indigenous peoples of the West: combining Hopi Prophecy with the Lakota Medicine Wheel.

Here are a few videos discussing Winter Solstice, The Spiral Dance Medicine Wheel, plus the replay of the Livestream Offering. The next one will be at Mid-Winter, known as Brigid or Candlemas. The goal is to present offerings that correspond to these =8 points of the Spiral Dance. With prayers, intentions, and healing sounds to awaken and unite the Indigenous peoples of the 4 Directions: that we are able to break free of colonialism, caucasity and western imperialism. Hotep, Ase, Namaste, Wado, Dohiyi, And So It Is, Blessed Be!

What follows is the livestream replay….

Here are a few links about the medic one Wheel:

Light & Life

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