Full Moon of Truth: HeruScope© for May 4, 2015

Full Moon of Truth: HeruScope© for May 4, 2015   Good Rising and Great Awakenings! UBEN NEFER, NEHAST!   I realize that most of you believe that the Moon is in Scorpio. In Reality, the Moon is in MAAT,  Libra. In fact, go outside tonight and look and see which constellation the Moon is in, and drop me an email,…

Blood Red Full Moon: April 15, 2014

Sidereally, we are just about to enter into the month of Aries! on April 18. Perhaps this is another reason why this is known as the Blood Red Full Moon…Red with the Fiery Energy of Mars! Someone asked me about a ritual to do for this event, which is also a full lunar eclipse that can be seen in North America.!…

Diving Fully into this November Full Moon

Before we dive Fully into the Moon: Hey, How wonderful is it that we have THE LEONIDS METEOR SHOWER as well! I am a traditional Leo (Sidereally, Cancer) so this will be fun! Great Rising to get up and view all of these magical events. AND, we will be able to see COMET ISON!!! 12 days away from peak viewing. from earthsky.org…

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