Diving Fully into this November Full Moon

Before we dive Fully into the Moon:

Hey, How wonderful is it that we have THE LEONIDS METEOR SHOWER as well! I am a traditional Leo (Sidereally, Cancer) so this will be fun! Great Rising to get up and view all of these magical events. AND, we will be able to see COMET ISON!!! 12 days away from peak viewing.

from earthsky.org

The crest of the November 2013 full moon occurs on November 17 at precisely 15:16Universal Time. Translating Universal Time to the local clock time at U.S. time zones, that gives the precise time of the full moon as 10:16 a.m. EST, 9:16 a.m. CST, 8:16 a.m. or 7:16 a.m. For the U.S. West Coast, the moon turns full before sunrise on November 17, a peak time for the Leonid meteors to be flying.


This meteor shower is typically for night owls and early birds. As a rule of thumb, the Leonids intensify after midnight, and the greatest numbers fall just before dawn. If you’re game, try working around the moonlight to catch a Leonid meteor or two in the wee hours before dawn on November 17 or 18. Get up a few to several hours before sunrise, when The moon will be relatively low in the western sky. Sit in the long shadow of a barn or a hedgerow of trees, but leave an otherwise open view of sky.


Even if you don’t spot any meteors in the predawn hours, the planet Jupiter will be blazing high overhead. And Mars will be in front of the constellation Leo, the radiant of the Leonid meteor shower. And don’t forget to bring along your binoculars. Comet ISON – now a binocular object – will be pairing up with the star Spica in the east-southeast sky.

At mid-evening, or around 8 to 9 p.m. in mid-November 2013, look for the planets Jupiter and the Gemini stars, Castor and Pollux, to rise over the eastern horizon.

Moon will be close by…..

In the wee hours after midnight, or 1 to 2 a.m., watch the constellation Leo the Lion and the planet Mars to climb into November’s starry sky.
Comet ISON
Before dawn, use binoculars to see if you can spot Comet ISON near Spica, the brightest star in the constellation Virgo the Maiden. Finally, as darkness begins to give way to dawn, watch the planet Mercury finally climb above the horizon.


Full Moon in Sidereal Taurus, so within the Lakota Sacred Hoop, near my favorite constellations, ORION AND SIRIUS, but that is another story….

Another synchronicity is that the  Full Moon in Sidereal System and Full Moon in Western System are in alignment! ONENESS IN THE ONENESS! Of course, after this, we move into Ophiuchus, the 13th Constellation, and THAT is ANOTHER story!

From Lyn Dalebout, the Sidereal Astrologer at earthsky oracle

Sat Nov 16:
Two exact and clarifying oppositions occur today that will carry over tomorrow with Sunday’s exact Full Moon. Pallas Athene, wise goddess of wisdom, strategy, war, creative intelligence, makes a polarizing opposition to Neptune, planetary ruler of our imaginations and guiding spiritual principles. This aspect is great for brainstorming new solutions and strategies. Pallas Athene is in Leo, individual creativity, while Neptune is in Aquarius, the wisdom of group intelligence that comes out of teamwork. Be willing to clash with others but also truly attempt to see through their eyes. Then the most brilliant of all solutions can arrive.  The Moon in sidereal Aries~emotional awakening, independence meaning depending on yourself~opposes Saturn in Libra~our bonds and commitments to others. You may feel stretched, which is the nature of the opposition aspect, too thin between your needs and the requirements of others.

Sun Nov 17:
Today’s sunrise Full Moon will be spectacular so rise early and get out there (if the skies are clear) for observation, meditation, or just pure reverence. The Sun is in early Scorpio and the Moon is in the early degrees of Taurus. I repeat what I said yesterday with a slight variation: you may be stretched between your need for calm and another’s requirement of unfolding crisis or drama.  Stand tall in your core principles, stay centered in your spinal column, while also flexing and giving support to another.  Mercury nears completion with the North node from the recent retrograde period (exact tomorrow). This means it may become clear which, of the many options or paths you have been considering in recent weeks, you are being guided to take, pushed to embrace.” Lyn Dalebout Sidereal Astrology

what sign are you SideReally???


For more information on 13 month astrology system that is based on TRUTH and called the Sidereal Astrology or Real Astrology, at: tchiya.com


and finally, last yet not least,
from the lunarplanner.com, another sidereal site

Comet ISON Comet ISON 2013 The Astronomy & Astrology

Comet ISON
Comet ISON

NASA Comet ISON Observing Campaign


In this beautiful up-close view of Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON), courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope, we can see that Comet ISON is still very active and very much in one piece!
[Image credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)]

October 2013 from from the lunarplanner.com




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    I would love to learn more

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      Thank you Kym! The best way to learn more is to sign the mailing list and watch the video series to get started! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. Peace and Love, Tchiya

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