Summer Solstice Spectacular 2021

Summer Solstice Spectacular!
Lots is going on, thankfully, one thing is winding down

Summer Solstice is June 20th at 10:31pm cdt

Mercury goes Direct on June 22.

Strawberry Moon, Full Moon on June 24 at 2:40pm cdt.

There are 5 planets Rx (Retrograde) at this moment, so there is an Rx offering.

In addition, there is a transmission for an alignment in regards to Water that is also being offered…

It’s kinda hard to wrap up this entire experience in a few keywords. I could write for days about these Celestial Events. The Sound Offerings are much more efficient for me. Besides, there is hardly a shortage of Astrology reports & forecasts out there. Nowhere else in the world will you find sound healing, 13 month sidereal Astrology, Kemetic Wisdom & Devotion all in one place! Only with KemeTones will you receive wisdom, guidance, & sound healing presented thus way. So, even if you ????don’t know much about Astrology, don’t know much about Kemetology, ???? ???????? you will receive tremendous benefits from these Cosmic Chimes & Chanting Sessions. What a wonderful world this could be (do you hear Sam Cooke?) if everyone received these sound healing sessions the same way that people watch Netflix, the elections, or dreadful news stories.

These transmissions get me out of my head, out of my mind ( the Ego) so that I can stop thinking about what it all means & just become one with What It Is. To connect with the Feelings, Emotions & Vibrational Frequencies: to find the Resonance within me with the Environment that is around me & is Me.

Why is this called Cosmic Chimes & Chanting: The Chimes & tuning forks are tuned to planets & constellations ruled by planets, or celestial bodies. Each celestial being corresponds to a god or goddess. In Kemetic traditions, the gods & goddesses are actually Cosmic Forces of Nature. Like the cosmic force of electricity, or magnetism. We have a Cosmic Force of Truth: goddess Maat, and so on. For more information, visit

This video series reflects the views of the artist, & does not reflect the views of Sema Institute or Shetaut Neter Preceptors.

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