Summer Solstice 2021 LIVE replay (from tiktok) Spiral Dance Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Welcome to the Summer Solstice Spiral Dance Medicine Wheel Ceremony.

Offerings of Sound from Traditions of Indigenous Peoples of the Four Directions. The next point on the Wheel of Life will be August 1st, Mid-Summer. The Dog Days of Simmer when Sirius Rises. There will be Offerings for the New & Full Moons and other Celestial Events. However. the Spiral Dance Medicine Wheel Ritual is only offered in conjunction with the 8 Sacred Points on the Wheel of Life according to the Spiral Dance.

May Your Summer Solstice Alignment be Peaceful, May you travel through Life with Ease and Grace. Hotep the Supreme Peace , the End of Duality. #summersolstice #spiraldance #medicinewheel #soundhealing #fourdirections #indigenouspeoples #kemetones #heruscopes #cosmic #chimes #chanting #13month #kemetic #sidereal #astrology


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