MidFall Update: Have you ever heard of this phenomenon?

Had I not experienced this for my self, I would not know a thing about this…

Green Flash Sunrise is considered to be

unreal, a myth, a fable. An Illusion.

And yet, on October 17, 2022, I had this lovely light show experience.

Today in my studies of The Hermetica, as in Djehuty, one month later on

November 17, I came across a message that describes the changes in my

mindset since the event….Fascinating! Read more about it here:

Eclipse Season, Fall 2022

Much was learned during these two events. Even though the eclipses

are over, we will still feel the effects for many moons to come. You can

watch the replays at the KemeTones YouTube channel….

Partial Solar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse

MidFall Update

Dia de Los Muertos is the expression of MidFall of the Spiral Dance

Medicine Wheel. A private ceremony was held at my home, however

there were a few videos made for this season….

Holy Days of Spiral Dance vs Satanic Rituals

Getting ready for All Hallows Eve

Whose Ancestors are you all honoring?

Music Update!

We are thrilled to announce that ARIT Tchiya Amet & Band will be

joining the lineup at the Katalyst every Third Saturday: joining forces

with DJ Microphone Bill for Reggae Day at the Katalyst. 13257 S.

Baltimore In Chicago.

These shows are by Donation. CashApp: $AmetElMaat or click the

website link.

You can watch the show live-in-person, livestream or catch the replay.

For more info: https://tchiya.com/midfall-reggaehttps://tchiya.com/midfall-reggae

This offering is in honor of Native American Heritage Month,

featuring Medicine Wheel Music from Medicine Woman, Tchiya


More Info


You can watch the replay from the Fall Equinox Reggae Music

Experience. I am also posting clips from that event…your contribution

goes a long way. Thank you in advance.

Fall Equinox Reggae Music Experience

Clip from Fall Equinox Reggae Music Experience

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!!

Remember to keep streaming the songs from PAUTTI NETERU on your

favorite. music platform, like YouTube or Spotify. Look for a new

Kemetic Devotional World Music Release this Winter…..



A Special Treat: Nuk A Djehuty Maat Zeby Maat!

Maat Zeby Maat

Light Being Wellness

7238 S. Michigan Ave #2, 60619, Chicago

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