Green Flash Sunrise 10/17/22


Green Awakening!

This event occurred just as portrayed in this tiktok…

Green Flash Sunrise experience

I had been extremely depressed for about 2 weeks following the previous Full Moon. I did not offer a sound healing transmission either. The hours before the sunrise on what is considered October 17, I slept on the couch in the living room, which faces the East. At around 7:06am, I was awakened by a vibration. I stood up, and the entire sky was green. Everything was Green. Like being inside of the green stripe of a rainbow. There was no sound, and yet I felt a shockwave of light. It was probably the most incredible experience in lIfe other than giving birth, at home, 2 times. Although, those were Life, and this experience was Light.

This statement reminds me of a chapter from the Hermetica, which is essentially the Wisdom of Djehuty. In the chapter entitled the Living Cosmos, there is a definition ofd Duality that I have never considered before. I go into detail on this in my book, Hesyu Neteru, the Vibrations of the Neteru, Cosmic Forces of Nature, the gods and goddesses. But for now, Here is an excerpt

the HERMETICA The Lost wisdom of the Pharaohs by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy pg


In this chapter Hermes succinctly outlines the essence of his philosophical ideas, and paints the picture of the Cosmos as a living being, teeming with life.

In the beginning there is unity. Unity separates into two fundamental forces, which like the negative and positive poles of a battery, generate everything. Hermes describes them as Light and Life, which become Mind and Soul. We experience them as thoughts and feelings.

The Oneness of God is both Light and Life. These two forces are the parents of the Mind of the Cosmos. This was experienced by Hermes in his original mystical vision as the ‘Word’ which calmed the dark waters — the fundamental laws of nature which bring order to the chaos.

The physical Cosmos is a perfect reflection of this ordering principle — the Mind of the Cosmos. The Mind of the Cosmos (the Word) is in turn a reflection of God, just as a spoken word reflects the intention of its speaker. Since God is All-Goodness, the Cosmos is therefore also Good.

Because the Cosmos is made in the image of its Creator it too is an immortal living being. It is therefore impossible that any part of it can be dead. At its conception it was filled with energy, which as modern science has now proved can neither be created or destroyed. Unlike the myriad forms that it passes through, energy itself is immortal.

God is the source of this energy which, through the laws of Nature, creates life. The Cosmic Mind receives energy from God and gives it to all the things within the Cosmos. Through this process, the Cosmos is completely saturated with Soul — the Life-Force. Everything in it is alive. Nothing is dead, not even so called inanimate things. The Cosmos is a great living being which in turn gives Life to all the lesser beings it contains. It is the whole which nourishes its parts, like a parent caring for its children.

This is a perfect example of how my mindset has changed. Instead of the duality we are familiar with, opposites, this is more of a oneness and egoism. where ego is not the opposite of enlightenment, but it is the absence of it. Light and Life are the two poles, the two of the one. More of a flowing.

One friend described my experience as a Green Heart Chakra Alignment. My mind will simply no longer allow me to go into such low vibrations. Since the eclipse, I have been remembering my dreams like I have not experienced since I was 8 years old…

How I wish that I had the wherewithal to take a photo, and now will spend the rest of my days wonderting if this can happen for me in this lifetime….I read of a man that experienced this when he was 7, and spent the rest of the next 70 years for it to happen again, It Did!

I have watched several hundred ocean sunsets waiting for the green flash. I only recall seeing two. The first was about 70 years ago from Oahu when I was a boy.

The second was in 2016 from a cruise ship 1.5 days south of the Sunda Strait headed for Perth. The horizon on the Indian Ocean was clear. A moment after the sun dipped below the horizon there was the green flash.

There must have been a number of passengers watching the sunset because immediately a broad cheer could be heard and the captain commented on the sight over the PA system.

It was spectacular, worth all my attempts to see it, but oh so fleeting.

George Leeper
Former Student at Iolani School (1948–1961)2y

What is the green flash when the sun goes down?

hard to see. ;->

you need really clear skies. no clouds. no smog. no smoke. and you need a very distinct horizon. like the ocean or a mountain.

when the sun is setting the atmosphere acts kinda like a prism. it separates the sun’s light by color. a rainbow is painted on the ground. the rainbow moves west to east. the green flash is the second or so when the green band of the rainbow passes over you.

you see the green because the contrast is highest. sunsets are reds and oranges. a flash of blue-green stands out.

Tim Cotter
E&AS from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) (Graduated 1988)Author has 1.2Kanswers and 301.2K answer views2y

this description is odd, because it was cloudy, there was moisture in the air, but I was nowhere near a body of water. OI was not in a mountain top, but in my second floor apartment!

That is all for now. I intend to add more…the most important thing has been the shift in my attitude, consciousness, vibration, and gratitude for Light and Life. Hotep

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