Full Moon in Ophiuchus 2015: Dua Sesheta Dua Imhotep

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Full Moon in Ophiuchus 2015: Dua Sesheta Dua Imhotep

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Still time to engage in this heavenly medicine, and the effects last for a few more days as well…

Most people mistakenly believe that this current full moon is in Scorpio. The Moon was in Scorpio for a few hours on June 2 it is true. However, she reached her fullness on June 2 when the Moon had already moved into Ophiuchus.  If you want to know more about Ophiuchus, read this:

Celestial Wisdom: True Zodiac has 13 Signs. Is Ophiuchus in your chart?

For now, know that Ophiuchus is the only constellation based on the life of an actual Human Being. And that being is IMHOTEP. Ophiuchus is represented by a man grappling with a snake between his legs, while standing on the back of a scorpion. This constellation is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This symbolizes Humanity learning how to control lower or sexual nature, as well as a planetary shift towards natural health and healing. The awareness of Ophiuchus symbolizes an awakening in the consciousness of Humanity.


So what about this Full Moon? And also, Mercury Retrograde.


At HeruScopes, we have a different outlook on this time, It is called the Opening of the Portal Of Djeuhty. This is a time of openings for true communication to manifest. This is not something to be feared, but looked forward to. Yes, things may break down, however if you look closely, you can see that this also leads to great breakthroughs!  Your computer might crash, but your new one or your new system, will be even better than the one before, AND, NOW YOU WILL INVEST IN AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE….no more procrastination or excuses.

Mercury Retrograde at tchiya.com

New Strategy for Mercury Retrograde starting with June 7, 2014 (posted May 28, 2014)


HeruScopes © Celestial Update: Aspolia 2014 Full Moon and The Portal Of Djehuty


This current portal opened on May 18, and closes on June 11. Since that time, I have had a few confrontations and miscommunications, but with the Healing Light of this Full Moon, I can see that even though the relationships ended, or the project was postponed, I was spending lots of energy to keep them going. It hurts at first, but in the long run, it is best to remain true to my Self,  rather than to ignore my intuition to hold onto something that was not real, or practical to begin with.  You might have seen my recent meme, which is another blessing from this Full Moon Reflection:

wiser at 53 years

More Wisdom from the Portal of Djehuty.

The relationships may have ended or changed, however, I will continue to send LUVIBRATIONS their way, irregardless of the way I feel about them or what they may have said or done to cause this conflict.

HeruScopes for this Moon Phase:

be sure to have this close by: HeruScopes© Handbook and Resource Guide

from astrology13.com,


Sesheta Imhotep until 18:00 pacific time (That is until 6 pm June 3) then moves onto Sagittarius
Prayerfully, you have or will receive a communication about health and healing. Or perhaps, you are taking great steps and taking actions in the direction of your healing. During this Full Moon, I gathered up my strength to put on an annual healing event:
Blue Lotus Speaks. June 7, Tchiya Amet Day!

Sesheta      450px-Imhotep-Louvre

I had become so distraught about the miscommunications and relationships that just disintegrated, that I had lost sight of the BIG PICTURE. So today, rather than feeling blue about what has ended, I am feeling YELLOW for what is about to begin! 😎  by the way, those shades represent pinhole glasses!

When the Moon starts to wane as she moves into Picot Maere (Sagittarius), we will see our plans and intentions put into motion, and begin to share the wisdom and knowledge we have gained.

Ra Apis  (Sun in Sidereal Taurus) (This is why most people thought the Full Moon was in Scorpio! Nope!)
Creating Wealth and Abundance, o planting seeds for your financial freedom

Djehuty and Set are also in Apis.


APIS:  Ra, Set, Djehuty (Taurus: Sun, Mercury, and Mars)
This looks ominous: trouble with finances, well they are backwards!  Plus, we have the Ego factor to deal with. During Apis, this could show up as stubbornness to let go of things that no longer serve us, holding on for sentimental reasons attachments. This is an excellent time to let go of these things, plans, relationships, etc, during the last week of this Portal Opening. After we have received the wisdom of the Full Moon, it might be easier.
  If it no longer brings you joy, then let it go!

of course, Sedna is still in Apis: healing with assault and violation. With the Portal Opening, this is an excellent opportunity to speak out against rape culture. This is an ongoing theme, as Sedna will be in Apis until 2017. With the increased awareness of Imhotep, now we as a planet have the opportunity to face our tendency to experience violence and assault. And learn how to truly heal, how both the survivor and the perpetraitor can become as Leah put so well, CONQUERORS of sexual assault and rape culture.
~Blue Lotus Speaks

The Full Moon in Ophiuchus while this Portal is open is kinda tough because on one hand, we have things being built up, Ra Apis Creating Wealth and Abundance, and Sesheta Ophiuchus, building and healing, and then on the other hand, we have Set trying to destroy and sabotage our plans, for ascension and enlightenment, plus many things appear to be backwards or horrible, but in reality, are moving forward continually, we just don;t always like the way this looks. This is the message I received while sitting in the moonlight.

Speaking of Moon Light, Here is the Tsalagi Nudo, Cherokee Moon Song!



Tsalagi (Cherokee) Nudo (Moon)



Nu Do, Nv Da

U da Nv ta
Nv da sv nu ehi
nv wo ti  ada wehi

I ga  ehi Nvda
i’tse Kali? i

NuDo NvDa
giNu tdi Ayetli


NvDa a-gi-tisi
ude nv goliga

AGEhya aquotla
hawini-di dla
NuDo NvDa
akTO hv sga
akTo hv sga


tlo ge si
sv hi ye yi nv da


a tsv sdi
nv da sv no ehi

tsi-hwi sv’s-ga
du-yu’kd nv d nvda

ak-to vHI sdi

Nudo gv’ni-ge
Nvda ade lv-unega

gv go dv di
nv-do hi
do hi yi
ela WE? I



Moon, Moon, I feel the Bright Light
Moon, Magical Medicine
Moon, New or Full
Moon, Quarter or Half

My Mother Moon
Gives Birth to Understanding
The Woman Sitting
Under the Moon
She’s Becoming Wise


At the Gate To the Garden In the Evening
In the Light of the Midnight Sun
I am Planting Truth, Moon
I am Growing Wisdom
Black Moon. Silver Moon

All is Visible On the Moon (In the Moonlight)
Peace, the Girl Who Was Quiet






Heru Picot Sahu /Asar(Uranus Pisces/Orion)
Sensitive and dynamic, effective leadership. Arrived in 2006 and Moves on in 2019. Sounds like the rise and departure of the Obama years: Campaigning began well before the election. By 2019, policies he enacted might just becoming into effect.

Chiron PicotSahu (Pisces):
The Wounded Healer, One very good way to bring healing into your own world is t reach out and help another. Chiron was unable to help himself, even though he had healed so many others. We can learn from this myth, and see the medicine that comes to us from helping others in their healing journey, yet always remembering to the balance, and to take time out for self. Sharing our stories and expereeinces with others is mutually beneficial for both the story teller and the listener.

NebtHet KuUrKu (Neptune Aquarius)
NebtHet is the Container or the Vessel that holds the Knowledge and the teachings;
KuUrKu Carries the Wisdom and shares with Humanity. Share your wisdom. 

These two pairs are reflections of one another, as Neptune rules Pisces and Uranus rules Aquarius. To me this signifies that the true leadership that is called for to bring about real change is to be based on sharing wisdom, not only knowledge, and that there are many people just sharing facts and knowledge, without real experience. Too much book learning and brainwash educators, and not enough real people with real education and wisdom based on, what else? MAAT! For instance, which leaders shpi;d be trying to figure put how to bring back Baltimore? People with Harvard degrees that have offices in the White House? OR, the actual leaders that live in the community? Do I really need to ask this question????? Obviously.

Speaking of Baltimore: I LOVE this song and am sending LUVIBRATIONS to Baltimore and the world, every time I hear this song….Thank you Tamlins. Thanks and Praises to the Most High.




Asar in Pi Maere (Pluto in Sagittarius)
Transformation. Personal power. Another indication of letting go, death that leads to rebirth into the Eternal Now, if you are ready! Pi Maere, can represent travel, and wisdom, as well as direction, purpose, Power and inspiration, Letting go, letting things die during this phase, will give rebirth and renewal of your personal power. Let it go, it will return in a different form, in a different way, at a higher vibration, if you are open to the changes it will bring.


Pi Cheus, Amun Khepera (Jupiter Cancer)
Transformation from a seemingly nothingness into greatness.  Witnessing consciousness and vision of the creative process, which is essentially the transformation of one thing or a collection of things into something that was not there before.  Be mindful and aware of every step of the creative process. Loving the journey, not only the destination.



HetHeruKhepera (Venus Cancer)
HetHeru glided into Khepera while I was preparing this forecast. This defintely is in alignment with the other celestial events as this represents the transformation of something painful into something beautiful, of ” poison into medicine” as they say in Buddhism. It is only painful if we think it is. Pain is just one of the steps along way in the healing process. IT is the sign that something is out of balance or out of alignment, or that there is a blockage. Like my toe  right now for instance. I might have broken it. It is painful yes, due to swelling, so as long as I take steps to reduce the swelling, like keeping my foot elevated, the pain subsides. AND, it forced me to take it easy for a few days! LOL!!  Siriusly, this is a powerful cosmic combination, and do your best to benefit from this celestial healing medicine. How? Just be aware and open to receive any blessings, intuitive hits, etc. Do not take any synchronicities lightly, there are messages waiting for you everywhere, every day. We are just closed to them most of the time because we are involved with, or distracted by, technology.RaPhan Maat (Saturn Libra), In some systems, Saturn is also associated with GEB.
OM MAAT GEB. May Maat be restored upon the Earth.
It is one thing to establish healthy boundaries, and it is another thing to maintain them. It is crucial to maintain healthy boundaries in order to keep your own life in harmony and balance. When the Universe pulls something or someone away, do not resist, it is necessary to keep your life harmonious. in Maat.  If you fight it, it is your ego, a fetter of Set. There is an ebb and flow in life, things come, things go. The only constant is change. Keep your heart pure and as light as a feather, as the feather of Maat..
If you noticed yourself feeling kind of sad and melancholy around May 23 it might have been because that is the last day that Sopdu (Sirius) is visible to our eyes. She drops below the horizon for about 70 days, and this year, I really felt the sadness.. She will return around the middle of July.. Just coming out from under it, thanks to the bright full moon. The Cherokee call this the Strawberry Moon.Here is the OlMec  (Mayan) reading for TODAY!  June 3JUNE 3



Here are a few other great ways to stay in tune with the Cosmic Forces of the Universe:

Living, Eating and Juicing with the Cosmic Forces of the Universe!

HOTEP. Tchiya Amet El Maat, S.E.

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