Comet did not crash into the Earth, however, This Comet CRASHED Into My Life.

Comet did not crash into the Earth, however, This Comet CRASHED Into My Life.

There was much talk and speculation about this comet hitting the Earth right around the time of Jade Helm, and the Blood Red Moon. Now that the quiet New Moon is slowly dancing her way into my life, I have a moment to stop and reflect on the events surrounding the Dance with the Comet.

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This rising was the first observance without the light of the Moon, and was the first time I could plainly see her brilliant location. Of course, today the comet is in the HEART of the Lion, the heart of SEKHEMET. With HetHeru, Venus, not too far behind. I understand that Mars and Jupiter are also around, but did not notice him this rising. Today, I was focused on the comet and Hetheru. Here are some of my photos from the past few weeks.

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HetHeru, Set and Amun all in Sekhmet. Have discussed this at length in the weekly webinar sessions. So I suggest you check those out for more info. Sesheta, Djehuty and Ra all in Aspolia.


In honor of RePhan Ip, until December. Here is Saturn Return…





I am searching for understanding of this event, not only was Mercury Retrograde, Portal of Djehuty Opening, Portal of Heru Opened/ Uranus is still retrograde. And now, Saturn has entered Scorpio RePhan Ip, for a few months…..what is the significance? I will turn to the HeruScopes for the guidance….

right now, I am listening to some lovely music that is keeping my spirits lifted. Features the harp.  Harp music keeps me close to my Great Grand Mother Anabelle Spurlock Gray. She played the harp, cello and piano.



From what I have gathered, Comets herald a time for a new idea, a new thought, a new way of doing things, to just pop into our consciousness, as if from nowhere. Even though many associate comets with terror, death, trauma, catastrophe, etc, that might have been brainwashing by the Church. In alignment with my new way of viewing retrogrades, I suggest the same be done with Comet. A Portal Opening to something very unusual, unheard of. I think that I have been seeing the comet each rising in between Khepera and Sekhmet, Cancer and Leo, and it has been so amazing to view. Perhaps this is only HetHeru, but still I feel the energy of the Comet. My mindset has been drastically altered, and for the best possible outcome, far greater than I could ever imagine.

With RaPhan Ip, this points to a time where we must give ourselves permission to break free of boundaries that no longer serve us, WE MUST concentrate on fulfilling purified desire. With the Heru Portal Opening, all signs point to taking bold daring INSPIRED actions that might not have been considered in the past. NOW is the time! And, we must also take care to make sure certain boundaries are in place and remain so. 

Back to the Comet. I have felt so much so I will just allow the wisdom to pour forth from the Inner Presence of My Divine Consciousness.

Hey, just learned that yesterday October 10, 2015, was the closest passing!!! LOL!! No wonder I have been mesmerized…..

‘In response to Qs, asteroid 86666 will safely pass Earth Oct 10 by over 15 million mi/25 million km. It poses zero threat.’

By comparison, 15 million miles is around half the distance between Earth and Mars. The moon is 238,855 miles (384,400km) away.


The 40 Prosperity Plan has been an amazing journey, and I feel that I have been lifted up to the High Road of Abundant Prosperity.  This was heightened with the introduction to the Oath of Manifestation, plus the Costa Rica retreat, where I let go (Zip Lining) and stood up (on Surf Board!).


from the Oath of Manifestation website:
Never forget this: your Silent Partner has more ways than there are stars in the Universe to bring your desire into manifestation! Your imagination can only bring you a few ways that manifestation of your desires can take place. But when you open to unexpected goodness, you open the flood gates of manifestation! And now a limitless Source has your full-on permission! Things that you didn’t know you desired show up, unexpectedly! How wonderful is that?

Rev. Cheryl Ward



conquered a LOT of fears with this adventure!

It feels to me that this comet brought with it the energy to release my doubts and fears. Finding new ways of doing things, things I would have never even thought of doing before. Let go of many false relationships, or ones that no longer serve me. Have been reflecting on the events that have transpired since the Equinox, the Blood Red Moon, the Global Sound Healing Conference, Costa Rica, and the Comet. Embarked on a journey, in a new direction for my music. Seeing the Light of the Comet this rising, in Sekhemet and with HetHeru, was just an incredible experience, the true Kemetic Medicine is from the stars. And today, I was given a healthy dosage. I am so grateful.

I also feel that my connection to the Divine Presence has been strengthened in a way that I will never lose this connection, ever again. This has been the most fantastic event of all during the time with this Comet. I can honestly say that I have Let Go and Let the Divine handle the details of manifesting my vision.





Comets in Astrology from

Views of ancient astrologers

Ancient Greeks treated comets as abnormal phenomena, believing they were illusions caused by disturbances in the upper layers of the atmosphere. They regarded comets as ‘big fire’ in the sky because of their brightness and association with hot, arid weather which led to hurricanes, rainstorms and droughts. An early astrological study suggested that comets appeared when several planets formed a conjunction.

According to the records of ancient astrologers, comets brought forth other phenomena besides hot arid weather. In 340-341 BC and 60 AD, there were hurricanes when comets passed by, and in 373-372 BC there were earthquakes and tsunamis as comets slid through the sky. Aristotle believed that comets were an indicator of climate – when several comets appeared in a year, it would usually be an arid and stormy one.

From the Roman Empire onwards, comets became the symbol of another kind of disaster, the human-related one – death, riots, wars and slaughter, the death of a king or noble being the one that caught most attention. When Julius Caesar was assassinated in Rome in 44 BC, his successor, Augustus, announced that Caesar’s soul had already ridden the comet heavenward.

From ancient times to the medieval, comets were seen as the symbol of evil power which brought forth natural disasters, human-related disorders and slaughter; and history deepens people’s fear towards comets’ infamy.

Release one’s thoughts from slavery and crime and new thoughts

As they warm, comets release gases, but what does this represent? The release of ideas and emotions?

We surely have to notice that what we release is not only emotions but also gases. What are gases? Thoughts, ideas and views. What comets release would never be toxic gases, as those people perceived in 1910; what get released are ideas that are new and innovative.

Interestingly, ‘to release’ could also mean ‘to be freed’.

Born from chaos (to find life)

In other words, comets could bear the implication of the existence of new lives and new issues, which was indicated in mythology.

Regarding natal charts

Someone born when a comet is in the sky could be an innovative thinker, and could be associated with shocks, too. These people may carry out actions to release, or may have an overwhelming influence over large groups. Their attitude and traits may be unpredictable.



The Chinese view

After the discussion of Western viewpoints, I would like to share some Chinese thoughts regarding comets. The Chinese call them ‘the broom star’, usually associating them with bad luck. But we should remember that brooms are for cleaning and sweeping away unnecessary stuff, which we must do to make room. We could say that this is inevitable – new chances are brought forth through destructive forces.

The Chinese called comets ‘hui xin’. ‘Hui’ is equivalent to ‘wisdom’. Interestingly, in Chinese we always say “wield the sword of wisdom to cut away the attachment”. Wisdom is like a sword, and comets are obviously a symbol of a treasure sword. From images, symbolisation of what we observe in life, is it possible that comets are an implication of the birth of new wisdom? Do they indicate where we should impart our wisdom? Are they a chance for us to cut certain bonds and attachments so that we can let new things come into our lives?


Here are several links that mentioned the Comet,

END OF DAYS? 2.5 Mile Wide Comet Expected To Impact … › Science

Called Asteroid 86666 (2000 FL10), the 1.5-mile wide (2.5km) space rock is due to make its closest pass on 10 October. 

An asteroid of its size has the potential to cause global devastation if it was to hit Earth, but Nasa has said it poses no threat at all. 

still seeking confirmation regarding what my intuition has been telling me. I am just going to trust….
My earlier posts on Blood Red Moon and the Comet



Much Love and Light! Amet El Maat

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