It’s Personal: Winter 2016 Planetary Alignment Part 2

    [su_heading size=”37″ align=”left” margin=”30″]It’s Personal: Winter 2016 Planetary Alignment Part 2[/su_heading]   Yes, this is the Personal Observation of the current alignment. Normally, I combine the two but this event is too big for just one post, at least from my perspective. This will contain a timeline of the event as it unfolded and revealed great truths to…

The Chicago Redemption February 2016

Good Rising and Great Awakenings.     Getting closer to the Date of The Chicago¬†Redemption February 16, 2016 is the date we must have the back taxes together and paid in full. Last time I checked, it was $12K. Who knows how much it is now with late fees. How did it get so bad? One year after another, since…

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