The Chicago Redemption February 2016

Good Rising and Great Awakenings.



Getting closer to the Date of The Chicago Redemption February 16, 2016 is the date we must have the back taxes together and paid in full. Last time I checked, it was $12K. Who knows how much it is now with late fees.

How did it get so bad? One year after another, since I first inherited the building in November 2010, we trusted the wrong people, and this led to total of three years with no rent checks from one person or another. That is $25,200! Not to mention the legal fees it cost to get them out. And the clean up of all the trash and destruction they left behind. They still consumed utilities. In fact this year, one tenant, acted out of spite, and possibly ran the utility bill up to $15K. Another trick they use is to report us to the Building inspector at the same time, forcing us to make unnecessary repairs, and spend time and money going to court, rather than deal with the issues of the tenants that DO pay their rent on time. The Chicago Redemption.

Here is a video clip about one of the improvements we are doing ourselves!

In fact, we are going to start doing a lot of things ourselves instead of wasting time chasing down contractors that over share and fail to deliver.

Yes, it does sound like a horror story. Remember the movie Pacific Heights? I wish that I had seen this movie BEFORE my mother died….


100 Scariest Moments




[su_heading size=”31″ align=”right”]Ah, but the history, the legacy.[/su_heading]
The other day, I saw a clip from the new movie, “Black Friday, The Film”.


A young girls asks, “If you die today, will you be leaving Bills or Benefits?” Most of the people stated Bills.
“What we didn’t realize is that we were being tricked into becoming a consumer”
“If we were a Black Nation, with 1.1 TRILLION DOLLAR ANNUAL INCOME, we would be the 16th wealthiest nation in the World”
Then a statement was made:

Hmph. (that is a sound, an onomatopeia, not a typing shortcut)
smh (THAT is a shortcut)

Which brings me to this post:
As mentioned in an earlier posting made in August 2015, about the

[su_heading size=”31″ align=”right”] “Adversity Birthday Gift”[/su_heading]


One tenant in particular caused us not only grief and dollars (possibly $15K in utilities, plus 6 months no rent, plus eviction fees, totaling ugh, $21K, this does not include what it will cost to get the place cleaned up and ready to rent again, they left it roach infested!), this same tenant also traumatized other tenants in the building, and placed them in danger, by participating in illegal activities, continued destruction of property, and there were even gunshots fired from inside their apartment, leaving two wounded victims. I was never even notified.Yes, things have gotten bizarre.

Lluvia started the gofundme page to raise funds to go towards the taxes. I have tried to not allow this to take over my life, I am still pursuing my music, still traveling, practicing and teaching sound healing. Although, I have been without transportation now for 4 years. I was determined to not put my entire life into this property.

Obviously, in a perfect world, the tenants would have paid their rent, and we would not have fallen behind in the taxes. I would not be disputing the utilities charges. By now, we would have been working with professional, reputable property management and contractors, rather than the crooks that I hired, and there would be a successful screening/background check system in place. Alas, this is 2015, and we are talking about the Southside of Chicago, one of the most violent cities in the country. It is an unofficial war zone, called Chi-Raq.
In fact, my cousin Noel Occomy, was the director of the original TV series,


and now Spike Lee has made the movie!!! it is not what you think….take it from me….




Today is the time of the New Moon Cycle in Imhotep (Ophiuchus): A time for new beginnings, purification, healing, self-healing, creating abundance, change and growth. Going UP the Spiral, as in ascension, evolution, enlightenment, not just around and around the Circle of Life (material world alone). This year, is the first time that we have tenants that we trust in each rented unit. We have one vacancy, and we will be getting that ready to lease again soon. We have found a great contractor. Who claims that he can also help with management. However, the Tax Redemption is the #1 priority right now.

The Gift in the Adversity continues to be learning how to remain calm, and grateful through entire journey or challenge. To continue to seek the solution by consulting the Ancestors and the Divine Cosmic Forces that live within me, within all of us. I AM in the process of becoming steadfast. And, last but not least, being put in the position where I will someday, be passing on this property to the next generation of BLACK NATIVE WOMEN CLAN MOTHERS in our Bloodline. This building is now housing the 4th generation. I am the third generation of women in my family to “own” or be responsible for this lodging. Lluvia is serving as manager, and getting great training for when hand the reins over to her. It is a tradition we intend to continue. We are asking for your assistance.

EVERYONE THAT WE KNOW ON FB AND SOCIAL MEDIA: IT IS TIME TO DONATE $1, we can make a huge dent in all the taxes, fees and fines.

FOR EVERY DONATION OF $10, (shipping incl.)YOU CAN RECEIVE THE CD OF YOUR CHOICE BY TCHIYA AMET. Regularly priced at $15 EACH. FOR $25, (shipping incl.)
YOU CAN GET THE ENTIRE COLLECTION: Rise Again Truth, Black Turtle Island, Celestial Folk Music, and Texas Tornado Dub. Valued at $60 (plus shipping)!!!

Yes, I know that you can hear my music for free, or that I make one penny whenever you stream a song on my website or spotify. Here is your opportunity to participate in a REAL BLACK FRIDAY EXPERIENCE. Supporting one of your favorite artists, as she maintains her inheritance, a precious work of art, love, history and devotion, the masterpiece of a Black Native Clan Mother on the Southside of Chicago.


[su_heading size=”31″]This Donation Premium Offering will be available until THE CHICAGO REDEMPTION DAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2016. You can make your offerings here: gofundme/SAVE VIA’s HOME[/su_heading]


you can listen to my music and learn more about my works and creations at


Thank You In Advance,

Many Thanks, Much Love, Peace and Gratitude.

Tchiya Amet and Via Rosa

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