Retrograde Season Winding Down….

Grand Alignment!

What better way to close the Djehuty Portal Opening (Mercury Retrograde ends June 22) than with the Summer Solstice ( June 20) and Strawberry Full Moon ( June 24).

In this video, we explore the current Retrograde Season: Jupiter has joined the mix, Rx in Sidereal Aquarius. This video contains an Offering of the Portal Opening Hekau (chant) with the Cosmic Chimes Attunement: chimes tuned to the Planets and corresponding Neteru. What is called Cosmic Chimes & Chanting.

Stay tuned for the Strawberry Full Moon video. For more information, visit (link in bio).

Hotep. Peace

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#heruscopes #kemetones #cosmic #soundhesling #chimes #chanting

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