In My Neighborhood….

Hey, where have I been? October 12, my neighbor across the street threatened to strangle me and shoot me. Wanted to see me dead. Why? Because her small dog (with Napoleon syndrome) was not confined to it’s yard, ran out and provoked my dog, who got off her leash during a walk and they had a shouting match. No one was hurt physically, but my neighbor was traumatized. I can understand this, and when I told her that if something DID happen to her or her dog, I would understand if she wanted my dog put to sleep. She said she did not want to see my dog put to sleep, she wanted to see ME put to sleep. According to her, the dog is not the problem, I am the problem. She said she wanted to strangle me and shoot me dead. She repeated and demonstrated at least 10 times during our 1.5 hour session where she just yelled at me and I allowed her to vent. She basically told me all the things she hates about me personally.I have not spoken to her in 2 years other than hello. She even complained because my dogs bark! She does not want to see my dogs ever again, not out in the front yard, not out for a walk, nowhere. But, she does not want me to move away, or give them away, or have them put to sleep. Just me!

When I told the sheriff that I am concerned because Black people are getting killed daily by CRAZY White people over stupid shit like cell phones, loud music, skittles, tobacco and hoodies, he got angry at me! Said this is not racial, that Black people kill White people everyday. They would not take a police report, as the neighbor denied making any threats or any of the statements that I told him about. (maybe so, but if a Black person kills a White person, it is a crime. When a White person kills a Black person, it is self defense.)

She is obviously crazy, jealous and lonely, her dog is a substitute for a child or human companionship, but that is no reason to threaten my life.I have never heard of someone being executed because their dog got into a fight. Her dog can easily get out from under the gate, and the gate is rarely closed. The dog is seen wandering up and down the street. I only have this one photo but here it is. My dog is big, likes to chase/hunt rabbits, birds, chickens, squirrels and cats. But she called her a killer. Funny, when my dog kills chickens, she is a vicious killer. But when the owners kill the chickens, they are farmers???? When it is their job to kill animals, they are called butchers. When human eats a chicken that someone else killed, they are called consumers. She called herself an animal lover, yet wanted to see me dead. When I told her I am thinking of moving away, and that this would make her happy, she replied, “THAT IS ALOW BLOW TCHIYA. A LOW BLOW” and finally walked away…..


Pictures showing dog outside of yard,


and that her dog can easily get out of yard from under the gate

No witnesses. FROM NOW ON, VIDEO CAMERA IS ROLLING WHENEVER I PASS HER HOME, WHENEVER I AM SPEAKING WITH A POLICE OFFICER, GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, OR ANY OTHER PERSON THAT IS ACTING OUT OF IGNORANCE OR UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. RECORDING ALL PHONE CONVERSATIONS WITH ANYONE THAT IS OPPOSED TO MY FREEDOM AND INNER PEACE. When the law is not on your side, must take matters into own hands. make it public information. This is the third time in less than a month that the Mendocino County Sheriff Department did not take my situation seriously. A few weeks prior, I had been stalked one evening, next day received a disgusting note asking for sex from another neighbor that is a minor, and then, a week later, same stalker sprayed a fire extinguisher into my yard, saying that he would be back to get his package. I am still dealing with the molestation from August 3 at ROTR. So far, year 53 has been very strange. and scary.I know that I am being guided and that I am protected. peace

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