Global Grieving at Third Quarter Moon

Uben Nefer!
Global Grieving is a concept I learned about from Gregg Braden. He described it as the vibration of the planetary discomfort that we all are feeling. That sensation of hopelessness & fear, that the world is heading in a direction that none of us really want. It is a vibration, a feeling, that silences us after Trauma, but it is a collective silence. Out of fear, people just got along with things. Or, there are those that speak out & take action, and are “un-alived” Take for example, the over 100 holistic doctors that were mysteriously found murdered, yet classified as suicide. Or it could be the “removal” of, well I don’t know how many, innocent people who became victims of police brutality. The point is, not to go over all of the individual reasons we are grieving, which just perpetuates them. This transmission is to release the way it feels whenever we think about these things, or are triggered by hearing about such atrocities.

Here are a few “official” definitions.

That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief
During the global pandemic, a palpable sense of collective grief has emerged. Grief expert David Kessler says that grief is actually multiple feelings that we must manage. In an interview with HBR, he explains how the classic five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, acceptance) apply today, and the practical steps we can take to manage the anxiety. Those include balancing bad thoughts with good; focusing on the present; letting go of things you can’t control; and stocking up on compassion. Kessler also talks about a sixth stage of grief: meaning. After acceptance, he says, we will find meaning in the hard-to-fathom events and we will be stronger for it.

Scaling up to address global trauma, loss, and grief associated with COVID-19
To combat a potential mental health catastrophe, we must make psychological services available to communities worldwide. 

Accepting the Messiness of Grief
“No one ever told me that grief feels so like fear.”C.S. Lewis

Bidwell Smith, whose work helps people process their pain around loss, has noticed just how often grief masquerades as anxiety and fear. She’s noticed too how many people experiencing this anxiety seek her out because they think they’re grieving wrong, that their anxiety isn’t grief at all, or that their grief isn’t following the prescribed trajectory DABDA seems to represent. 

“Recognizing the grief that is there helps people move through it in a way that yields more healing than steeping in anger or anxiety.” – Claire Bidwell Smith

In this series, we will hold space for us to release these feelings, vibrations, thoughts, and emotions. Just think of all the atrocities each one of us has experienced in past lives. The trauma experienced by our ancestors is encoded in our DNA. There is so much that has yet to be healed. This is my contribution to this effort. I will add to this post as the healing journey develops…..

Be on the lookout at each Third Quarter Moon for GLOBAL GRIEVING TRANSMISSIONS from Light being Wellness. Hotep

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