Creating Value in One’s Life

2014 began for me with a burning desire for answers to some questions I have been struggling with for decades. In this blog, I will share and discuss gems that I find on this lifelong quest….

I have been reading this fascinating book called “Healing the Universal Family” by Alan Billups P.T. The author has this to say about creating value on page 66-67:

Healing the Universal Family by Alan Billups, P.T.

“There is an order or priority that one must follow to support the development of net worth, profit or value in one’s life. This takes the form of the 4P’s:

  1. PROFIT- monetary or spiritual gain and development
  2. PROTECTION- creating safety and security for what one considers the most valuable attributes of his or her existence: i.e., the three types of treasures: treasures of the body, treasures of the storehouse  and the treasures of the heart.
  3. PRIDE- the establishment of one’s self worth relative to non-egotistical  perspectives
  4. PLEASURE- the enjoyment of life.”

“If one is to create a net value from the activities of luis or her life,the priority of her or his daily activities should follow the above order of importance. To profit or benefit  in life is an underlying theme in the life of most people. However, there is no rhyme to the reason. Looking at the activities of daily life, people are motivated by one of the 4P’s in a relatively different order than is outlined above.

Pleasure may well be the primary motive behind the activities of most individuals from morning to evening. Profiting monetarily or spiritually would probably place last on the list of priorities listed, since most people are programmed to be the perfect consumers.”

Alan Billups pg. 66-67 “Healing the Universal Family”

I really am getting a lot from this powerful excerpt. It is like a formula that reminds me of the ORDER and BALANCE (Maat is in everywhere you are) that must be maintained in all areas of my life, especially in the financial department. I am not talking about compulsive neat freak anal retentive disorder either. I really like how the author clearly defines that there must be balance between the monetary value and the spiritual value or benefit of one’s actions, purchases and all undertakings. In other words, one’s daily life.

Armed with the knowledge that our financial security is connected to our ROOT CHAKRA, we can begin a new chapter of our healing journey, always being mindful of the spiritual and material forces that are ever present. In fact, I would like to add another P to the list:

5. PEACE-with all of this positive energy exchange, let us not forget the ultimate goal: which is enlightenment. If this work, monetary and spiritual gain does not bring peace, or if it disturbs one’s inner peace more often than not, then is it really valuable ? The other side of this is that, if one believes that making more money is going to bring happiness, wow! are you in for major disappointment! LOL!!
In order for ANY of this to be successful, we must strive to seek out the palace of abiding happiness within ourselves; remain seated on our inner throne, and not be moved…..sounds easy enough…..

Scale of Maat

Hotep. Tchiya Amet El Maat, S.E.

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