#Chicagohenge 2022!

Yes Fall Equinox was last night 9/22/22  at 8:05pm ct. the dates & times change every year, however always falls somewhere between the 19th & the 24th. Lasting 3 days, the day & time you see always refers to the Middle Day.

What IS the Equinox? According to “the time or date (twice each year) at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day & night are of approximately equal length (about September 22 & March 20)”

Cosmically, this is a time of Coming into Alignment  with Truth. Time to discern what is Real from the Unreal. Letting Go of the Painful Past & Making A Way for the Joy that is to come & appreciating the Joy that has always been there, hidden by trauma & fear..

Our Solar System Aligns with the 4 Cardinal Points of the Milky Way Galaxy. During these periods of Great Alignment, if we resist letting go, it will be TAKEN! Trust  me! Solstices & Equinoxes are no joke: this is beyond personality (Lunar) or Ego (Solar). This is a Cosmic Alignment on a Galactic Scale. Cosmic Housecleaning! Cosmic Order.

The Mayan Count is a Galactic Frequency. But is NOT a calendar, even tho people call it a calendar. The Tree of Life is what the Maya/The Olmec call the Milky Way Galaxy. The Kemetic Teachings also refer to the Milky Way Galaxy as the Tree of Life.

Anyways, I digress. The Milky Way Galaxy is one of my favorite topics. It was the topic of my research project while in Grad School, & I’ve recorded several songs in honor of the Milky Way. I will post them again soon.

You can catch Chicagohenge tonight on any east west street… I highly recommend going downtown!⠀

I was too sleepy to get to the Lake this rising, so the Fall Equinox Spiral Dance Medicine Wheel session will be TONIGHT! Sunset is around 6:47pm ct, so let’s connect at 7:30pm ct, to align with the Equinox that was at 8:05 pm last night…

Look for me on tiktok, KemeTones youtube & ig… at least one of them will work! Lol!

If you miss the livestream, you can always catch the replay…

Remember Sunday 9/25: FALL EQUINOX REGGAE MUSIC EXPERIENCE at the Katalyst Live & Livestream

Link In Bio!

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