Celestial Update: 11-20-13

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What;s going on in the Stars the week before the New Moon?

Well Yesterday November 19, according to Earth Sky Oracle,

“And as Chiron heads back into forward motion from its retrograde, much of the therapy, healing work, creative initiatives you’ve been dreaming for the past 5 months will now start to really pay off.” EarthSkyOracle

This is GREAT NEWS!! We will be heading into Sidereal IMHOTEP (Ophiuchus) on November 30! Another Celestial Healer, Everything is l;inning up perfectly for major planetary and universal healing….

You can learn more about
the Sidereal Calendar and Ophiuchus at tchiya.com:
Celestial Wisdom: True Zodiac has 13 Signs.
Is Ophiuchus in your chart?


The Oracle also states for the next couple of days:

“Wed Nov 20:
A gratefully received grand trine forms between Mercury in Libra~harmonious dialogue~to Chiron in Aquarius~the healing power of friendship~to Moon in Gemini~emotional curiosity. This day holds so much promise for supportive teamwork, openness to new viewpoints even changing your point of view, and in general, just a delightfully social day. As the gregarious Moon makes a square to Uranus in Pisces~spontaneous emotional eruptions~be a counselor to someone in need or reach out for support to help you through.

Thu Nov 21:
One possibility today when the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Gemini,  is that you may have moments of mood swings, and feel like a pendulum swinging from mild mania to deep depression and back again. Just be aware this is an energetic in the collective Field, affecting each of us in various intensities. Use appropriate tools to balance yourself. Visit your favorite bookstore (Gemini’s domain), take a drive with a friend to download the pent up emotion (Gemini loves travel, movement, talk therapy). And with the Moon/Jupiter conjunction in a helpful trine to solution-minded Saturn, and in an opposition to visionary and compassionate Venus in Sagittarius, real solutions and understanding can arise.

Thank You, EarthSkyOracle!



Moon and Jupiter from earthsky.org


            Tuesday, November 19

  • After 9 or 10 this evening, you’ll find the waning gibbous Moon shining inside a huge quadrilateral: Capella to the Moon’s upper left, Aldebaran to the Moon’s upper right, Betelgeuse closer to its lower right, and bright Jupiter far to its lower left.Wednesday, November 20
  • By late evening the waning Moon is up in the east. It’s now part of a long, ragged, roughly horizontal snake. From right to left: Rigel in Orion’s foot in the east-southeast, Orion’s Belt, Betelgeuse, the Moon, Jupiter, Pollux, and above Pollux, Castor.Thursday, November 21
  • Jupiter is the bright “star” upper left of the Moon late this evening. Although they look close together, Jupiter is currently 1,660 times farther away. And Pollux and Castor, to Jupiter’s left and upper left, are 500,000 and 730,000 times farther than Jupiter! (at 34 and 52 light-years, respectively).L

On Earth, this is a great time to fast, to clear out, to make space for what is to come…..to make space for ease and grace. To make space for the wisdom of the next full moon to come….Just remember the cycle of nature: to build up and break down. To bring in and take out. nothing stays the same forever in life, except LIFE!

Stars on the other hand, are actually swirling balls of gas and fire, and they tend to burn out. Perhaps that is why we are on earth, so we can learn how to shine without burning up, or OUT! LOL!

Comet ISON is still in the news….and still visible in our skies!

Love and Light, Tchiya

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