Great Summer Solstice 2014!

Good Rising! Just wanted to acknowledge the powerful alignment that is going on at this monet. Not only is this the time known as the Summer Solstice, it is also the time when the Sun moves into Sidereal Gemini. It is rare for these events to line up side really, even though it happens four times a year in the…

Sidereal Jupiter Transit into Cancer: June 19, 2014

Good Rising and Great Awakenings. Great Change is upon us! Favorable and Beneficial to ALL! Enjoy Lakota 4 Directions as you read… Wisdom Teachings from the four directions….. June 19: Jupiter makes the Transit into CANCER, where it is exalted and highly favorable.   I for one am very happy about this transition, because although in the Western Astrology System,…

Celestial Update: 11-20-13

Welcome to TODAY! What;s going on in the Stars the week before the New Moon? Well Yesterday November 19, according to Earth Sky Oracle, “And as Chiron heads back into forward motion from its retrograde, much of the therapy, healing work, creative initiatives you’ve been dreaming for the past 5 months will now start to really pay off.” EarthSkyOracle This…

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