40 Day Journey Into Clarity: DAY 19!!

apple infusion

        Apple Infusion

Good Rising! Great Cleansing and Awakenings!

Today is/was Day 19. I have completed the first three Kemetic Weeks of this cleanse/fast: 5 Days Raw, 5 Days Juice. Then 5 days of Waters: water infusions with fresh fruit, herbal teas, coconut water with blue green algae.

(just using stove for table setting, how ironic…)

Followed by TEN STRAIGHT DAYS OF JUST PURE WATER. Now, I am making my way back down: today was Day 4 of Waters. I bought a lovely case of coconuts for the occasion of this cleanse fast , and I am loving this!

Fresh Coconut with Frozen Cell Food…

I kept up all most of my normal duties, well except for stacking firewood…. I walked one dog at a time instead of two at a time like I usually do. But towards the end of the pure water phase, my energy started coming back. I did an internal cleanse, and literally felt my heart open up and release tons of resentment.

Coconut Algae Drink
Coconut Algae Drink:
Wanna make a smoothie!

Today, I feel amazing, and better than I have in along time. I have lots of energy, been staying up late working on online projects, music, etc. Today’s meditation was VERY powerful and healing, and I am truly grateful for this experience to go deep within and waaaaay back there in the memory banks. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that this was a fast for my physical brain, and all of the trauma that has been stored there.

Today, it felt like the last drops of phenol barbital were being released from my system. I am looking forward eating foods and taking supplements that will continue to allow my brain to heal from treatments I received as an infant and  young girl.

Read here about giving anti-epilepsy drugs to newborns….
Yep. three times a day until age 7.

This is one of the main reasons I went on this quest, to finally get some major healing accomplished around this issue.

brain power

Things like Flax Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Udos, Nuts, Blueberries
and E3Live Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake, OR

Been doing Rain Dance faithfully everyday, and today it is raining!!

The most amazing thing is to know that I CAN LIVE ON JUST PLAIN WATER FOR TEN DAYS. With some coconuts and fruit slices, I could keep on going. In fact, it sounds tempting, but I will start eating raw again in about 5 more days! looking forward to it!


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