Upcoming Cosmic Chants & Chimes
Written by lightbeing
June 15, 2021

Experience the Wonder that is KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing:

 ➢reflects the Celestial Events and Alignments in the Moment.

 ➢ Removes Blocks and Opens Pathways to Success in your Spiritual Journey of Life on Earth.

 ➢ Bringing inner peace, freedom from pain, solutions, and ease.

 ➢ Increases Understanding of relationships with Self and Others. Eliminates Generational and Intergenerational Conflicts, Curses and Limiting Beliefs.

 ➢ brings you to a deeper awareness and connection with the Cosmic Forces of Nature, the Ancestral Forces known as the gods and goddesses of Kemet (Ancient African Egypt).

 ➢ Chakra Alignment and Energy Clearings, including Ra Sekhi and reiki Techniques.

 ➢ activates the Universal Codes of Light, and features the Original Sound Frequencies of Creation. Repairs DNA, Activates Intuition, and Restores Natural Order. Opens First Eye.
We begin each Transmission by Opening the Way. This is to be followed by a Group Immersion in the Healing Tones, Chants, Music and Rhythms in alignment with the HeruScopes 13 Month Kemetic Sidereal Astrology Analysis for the Session.
Next, each participant will have the opportunity to receive a Mini Tune-Up.
We will close with either a Guided Meditation or a Reflective Movement that we call The Spiral Dance.
For more information, visit LightBeingWellness.com
Hotep, Supreme Peace, the End of Duality.
Arit Neter S aka Tchiya Amet


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