Summer Portal Opening Season

A Portal for Change, Transformation, reaching beyond limitations, enhanced communications has opened. We view Rx as portal openings and positive movement. Oftentimes, viewed as frightening yet always results in goodness…. Here is a transmission of Cosmic Chimes and Chanting. The Hekau is a list of terms from Medu Neter for Portal Openings and Gateways of alight. Here is translation:⠀RETROGRADERxThe remedy…

Diving Fully into this November Full Moon

Before we dive Fully into the Moon: Hey, How wonderful is it that we have THE LEONIDS METEOR SHOWER as well! I am a traditional Leo (Sidereally, Cancer) so this will be fun! Great Rising to get up and view all of these magical events. AND, we will be able to see COMET ISON!!! 12 days away from peak viewing. from…

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