October New Moon 2014: Aspolia (Virgo) again, not Scorpio!

Ra (Sun) in Aspolia (Sidereal Virgo) This is still a Virgo New Moon Eclipse according to NASA, astrology13.com and of course, HeruScopes©! Sidereal Virgo is 44 days long, so we have 2 Virgo New Moons! True Scorpio is only 7 days long, so there it is rare to have a New or Full Moon in Scorpio. Hmmm, now THAT sounds like a REAL Blue…

Hapi Fall Moon Equinox New Sirius Rising 2014 to YOU!

Good Rising. Great Alignmetnt and awakening!   That greeting is NOT a typo! For general basic Equinox Information, please visit EQUINOX page at tchiya.com Sirius Rising is ongoing until she culminates on December 31. here is great Equinox Song with info about the Equinox! This year, I have come across something different: I first learned about this when I was visiting Machu Pichu…

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