Super Moon, Super Spring Equinox Eclipse is UPON US!



Yes, Indeed, it is now 1 am pdt, and I am starting this message, The Eclipse has begun. At least somewhere in the world, it can be seen and experienced on the physical level. Mostly over the Atlantic Ocean! Here on Turtle Island, it is only felt spiritually and internally.

If you are not getting this message until after Sunrise, no worries! The effects of this TRIPLE celestial event will be felt for weeks, if not months. You have plenty of time to read this message take it all in, and have a very enlightening weekend.
Spring Equninox begins at 3:45pm pdt/6:45 pm edt.

Why is this a Super Moon?
In addition to 3 Celestial Events in one, in addition to this Partial Eclipse taking place over North Africa, and the Total Eclipse is only visible in 2 places on Earth and the Atlantic Ocean, this is a SUPER MOON because:

THIS IS A TIME WHEN THE MOON IS CLOSEST TO THE EARTH, making it appear larger in the sky than usual when full. As this is a Dark Moon, the only way we can “see” it is during the eclipse. The light of Ra (The Sun) will be totally blocked from those in view of this event. Being a Super Moon means that it has an even greater pull on our pceasn, and the water in our bodies as well, All life.  Lining up with the Equinox in this way, casting a Super Shadow on parts of the Earth.

From Wikipedia about solar eclipses: A total solar eclipse will occur on Friday March 20, 2015. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is larger than the Sun, blocking all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness. Totality occurs in a narrow path across Earth’s surface, and a partial solar eclipse will be visible over a region thousands of kilometres wide.


from we learn:

“The Moon will be in the sign Pisces along with the Sun and Ketu. The Sun and the Moon are the most prominent energy bodies impacting our lives on the earth. On the day of eclipse both these luminaries are weak and without light and so it is the day we should turn inwards for the light. Moreover, the sign Pisces is the most transcendental of all the Zodiac signs.”

“Its also the New Moon day, a good time to seek the blessings of one’s ancestors. However, as it is good to avoid any rituals on Solar eclipse day, Tarpanam should be done on the next day after the eclipse.”
“Due to the spurt of negative energies in the atmosphere in the wake of blocked energies of the Sun, auspicious functions, rituals, important events during this time, eating and cooking are not advisable during Solar Eclipse. Also, our mind (influenced by Moon’s frequencies) gets impacted on New Moon days as the Moon stimulates thought frequencies from the impressions in our subconscious mind, arousing anxiety, uneasy feelings etc. That is why activities like meditation are advised to calm the mind during these times. ” Thank you Baba Pillai




  1. redefine concepts of self and the roles we play in the world

  2. REDEFINE how we articulate ourselves in life

  3. shifting octaves in the nature of our self-perception and self-expression

  4. addressing issues that keep us from doing so.

  5. Eclipse lunar cycles are ideal times to set new six-month goals to create personal change in our lives

  6. prepare for the 3rd BLOOD MOON of a prophetic series of 4:
    the full moon in April, April 4-5 the next LUNAR Eclipse.

lyn dalebout: Star Signposts and Earth Sky Oracle

Friday March 20
It is big, it is bold, yet subtle as well, in the sense that it will be imperative you listen to your inner stream of wisdom, your well of insight, your emotional aquifer of truth that lives within you.  Not sure what I mean by that?  Perhaps you can explore this in the coming four weeks.
Moon/South Node conjunction: This the aspect that makes this New Moon also a Solar Eclipse.  When the Moon ~ symbolic of our past/past lives/dying Self ~ aligns with the South Node ~ also indicative of our past/past lives/old habits ~ we are given a chance to truly take a leap to move beyond the energies of our history, honoring them, giving thanks, yet moving on.


10 reasons why this is a special eclipse weekend

•    1. First Eclipse of 2015
•    2. Same Day as Spring Equinox
•    3. Super New Moon
•    4. Total in Only Two Locations
•    5. Europe sees Partial Eclipse
•    6. Problems With Power Supplies
•    7. Short Spectacular Totality
•    8. Protective Equipment to View Eclipse
•    9. Part of Saros Series 120
•    10. Lunar Eclipse Two Weeks Later

6 super moons in 2015

next equinox eclipse. 2053, 2072

This degree shows the ability that we have of projecting an ideal or an image into the future. This can be an image of what, or who, we’d like to become. We can then grow and emerge into that reality. Sometimes we see an image of ourselves that we’d like to emulate or aspire to or become and it is good to have a goal in life, something that can inspire us, and something to work towards. Truly in this life, we can set our sights high and aim for them, as did the ‘Boy’ who looked on the ‘Majestic Rock Formation’ as ‘His Ideal of Greatness’. Having an ‘Ideal’ of how we’d like to be can be great, as long as we are not trying to be something that we naturally or intrinsically are not possible of being.
What is that you ‘Idealize’? What is it that you’d like to project? What image suits the real person inside of you? You may find that you are growing into the ‘Ideal’ that you have imagined and it gives you a sense of pride and fulfillment, assuming you have imagined a positive image. Meditating on a goal or the projection of an ideal can lead to actuality, just be clear about what you really desire in the situation—you just might get it!


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Be Sure to have access to the HeruScopes© Handbook and Resource Guide so you can cast your own HeruScopes© Forecast, or arrange to have one prepared for you by Tchiya Amet!

Ra, Set, Chiron, Heru, Sesheta are all in the sign known as PiCot Sahu. This sign is associated with emotions and with the supernatural and transcendental. Perhaps this is another reason this is a supermoon. Pi Cot Sahu is also associated with the Planet Neptune or Nebt Het. Next Het is the Lady of the House, and she Maintains the Order of Maat, whereas Sekhmet UPHOLDS PROTECTS AND DEFENDS the Order of Maat. Pi Cot Sahu
Pi-cot Sahu/Orion (Sidereal Pisces); March 12 to April 19 The company of fish of Him (Sahu/Asar/Orion) that cometh, wayfaring man The beginning. Self-expression, worry, dynamism, impatience, initiative, courage, aggression, impulsiveness, passion, selfishness, leadership, tendencies, self-obsession, self-preservation, confusion,and escape. Can be sensitive and/or emotional at times.

RA : Sun; Surya; associated with Siva; Sunday Power, light, courage, creativity, leadership, rebirth, the whole of things.
Shows the individual STYLE with which we express the cosmic forces. This is a time to go with the flow, with the flow of the current, not the time to be strict and controlling, but to allow life to emerge naturally. Let the creativity flow. let the doors open. during the echoes, we take time to reflect on what was during the darkness, and during the light emerging, we focus our energy on what we want to see manifest out of what once was….especially when coming out of trauma or misfortune. there is always something wonderful born out of great pain and sadness, if we can see it that is. allow this time for illumination and reflection on deep dark emotions, and then allow them to d=fade away

Mangala; associated with Sekhmet, Shango. Muruga the Inner Warrior; Tuesday
When there is imbalance, or ignorance of the Divine, and the Ego is left to its own devices, we can experience conflict, disaster,  war, aggression, hatred, jealousy, anger, hatred, etc. When the Ego is tamed, and brought under control of the Higher Self, we can experience the positive aspects of this energy: force, direction, strength, confidence, determination, action, self-preservation, energy, power, might. It defines our limitations and our enemies. Set is the Neteru of egoism and selfishness

Positive aspect of Set is winning the inner battle and transforming all of that anger and aggression and utilizing towards something Divine. Getting control of our emotions. During this month of PIsces, it might be challenging to keep our emotions calm and balanced, It is very important to keep our selves from being carried away by our emotions, espeically during this weekend. Do NOT LET YOUR EGO RULE YOUR ENERGY. BE VICTORIOUS!


Dua Sesheta!

Sesheta: the Goddess of writing, astrology astronomy, mathematics, sacred geometry etc. the counterpart to Djehuty
the indicator of one’s personality. Just as the Moon stabilizes the Earth’s orbit, so is our character regulated by it. The moon represents our ego, our character. Intuition. It defines our relationships in life, our constitution, our finances, and our relationships with siblings and family.” pg. 87. Sounds like Positive Aspects of Set…..It is a symbol of our primal needs for attachment, bonding and nurturing.It is our knowing.  it is cycles and tides, measurements. knowing your numbers. keeping business and finances in order.

great time to write one’s feelings and use the energy of the eclipse and equinox to bring want you want to be, into alignment with what is. line them up, so you can get from where you are to where you need to be. Use the energy of PiCot Sahu and NebtHet and Seshesta, to bring your life into order and alignment. Take time to focus on what is not right, and then either fix it or eliminate it. Why waste time trying to figure out how to live with it, if it is not working for you?  This is the energy this eclipse can bring if you allow the process to unfold, without resistance. once the light of Ra has returned, all will appear to have changed, but the only thing that needed to change was your perception.


HERU (Uranus) is also in the sign of PiCot Sahu.  Remember, you are the hero of your own myth, NUK PU HERU.

from Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) – A Vedic Astrologer wrote a new note:
Uranus in Pisces in Sidereal Zodiac and the New Paradigm.

“Uranus entered sidereal Pisces in April 2009, showing a shift in the “prevailing genius” of our time and for the next seven to eight years. Now more than ever we are seeing a shift away from external, political solutions toward more internal, spiritual ones. Pisces is the sign of mysticism. But we must be careful, it is also the sign of religious fanaticism.

Uranus in Pisces now shows the need to crusade around matters of faith and spirituality and dissolve the walls that polarize us to extremes. We see evidence of this everywhere in our world now. More than ever mystical and spiritual solutions, not political ones, are being explored.

Now more than ever those of us who turned to spiritual healers and metaphysicians need to be careful about abuses of power and becoming dogmatic. This is a time of greater tolerance and dissolving of the ideological barriers that have kept spiritual traditions separated and even hostile toward each other.

Seeking a greater, universal connection between spiritual traditions, metaphysical sciences and all types of alternative healing modalities will be a great opportunity and challenge of the next nine years.

I feel hopeful knowing that the prevailing genius for the next nine years will revolve around Pisces, the spiritual genius.”

Heru wants to fight for what is right, to build something that will last, bring about change for long lasting success and prosperity, and yet, Pi Cot Sahu just wants to go with the flow. meditate, or just sleep! Fascinating dynamic, almost as much as Fire in Water! It was helpful to me to remember that water is composed of air, or gas, and yet, air often contains much water. So, iere is yet another sign of balance and alignment.
Chiron connected to both Imhotep and Pi Maere Sagittarius.
Chiron is the wounded healer. While in Pi Cot Sahu. take the tike to look into alternative methods of healing or dealing with any ailments, physical.mental, emotional, etc, ailments. Perhaps you have been using a particular formula, or taking a class, that you like, or a favorite area of study, during this special spring season that is starting off in this way, take the time to try something new and different. something that you may not have tried before, it may surprise you that it is more in alignment with the life you want to live then the one you are currently. perhaps it is time to lean into something that feels different for a change, rather than so comfortable.

Djehuty, NebtHet, in KuUrKu

Ku-ur-ku and Ramman; Hupei Sahu/Asar/Orion (Storm God; Aquarius); 16 February to 12 March Place or Chamber of Him (Sahu/Asar/Orion) coming down as rain; When the Ra was in Ku Ur Ku, the flooding of the Nile reached its highest point. The Great Awakener.

Imagination. “the sign of Divine Love, where Love is experienced as unconditional and endlessly abundant. Here you learn to access this higher Love and direct it toward your Self, the way Source does. This aspect of your consciousness, then, is about recognizing self-destructive habits and liberating yourself from them.”
The Cosmic Path

Compassion, expressiveness, mysticism, day-dreaming, hesitation, and receptiveness.

Be The Water Bearer, pouring out your emotions, facing them, showering yourself with uncondtional love and compassion for Self. Let the wisdom gained from past experiences, past hurts, and even traumas wash over you, and through you, leaving you purified and renewed with the light of forgiveness and understanding. With HeruScopes©, you learn to see yourself as the hero, the Heru, in your own myth.

Buddha; associated with Thoth, Hermes, Vishnu, Jiyoti; Wednesday Communication, The Messenger, Travel, Information, Intelligence. Education, Wisdom. Love of Teaching AND Learning. The fastest moving planet. Trickster.

from the cosmic path “It is a planet that helps to form your individual personality. It describes the way you focus your mind, what stimulates you to learn and what you like to learn about.”

This would be a good idea to learn more about conservation of water, water purification, Healing with water, and also HEALING THE WATER.  Djehuty also is said to be the Moon God.

NebtHet, the Lady of the House

Nebt Het: KuUrKu is the Water Bearer, and Nebt Het is the Container.
Neptune is an ice giant. It has an intense magnetic field that is tilted 50 degrees to rotational field. It was discovered in 1821. Imagination, ecstasy, romance. it determines health,work, and career. Open to alternative healing modalities and modern day inventions

Neptune in your birth chart reveals where you tend to be the most idealistic and romantic about your life. Where Neptune is there is a certain level of cloudiness and confusion that eventually leads to crystal clear understanding and Enlightenment.” Universal Oneness, Bliss, visionary, meditation ; fog, confusion, cloudiness, escapism of all kinds, sleep, illusion, delusion, deception.

NebtHet is the twin sister of Aset. Her headdress is the opposite of Sister Aset, whose is a symbol of a throne, and is a Vase. She is the Goddess of the physical realm. During this celestial event, this cosmic force represents what is needed to contain the water, the emotions, the order so that the flow is not dissipated or lost or wasted. She is as a vessel that contains the Great Spirit. Of course there is no such thing, but this energy represents something that can keep things together when they appear to be falling apart. Invoke the energy of Neptune and Nebt Het as we journey through these fiery, mysetrious waters.


HetHeru (Venus)

HetHeru: Pi Cheus/Amun (Aries) also  Tamet Ammon (Aries); 19 April to 14 May
Established Dominion Stability. Strength, materialism, productiveness, a practical mind, security, sensuality, stubbornness, possessiveness, routine, and patience.
from True Nature of Aries:
“Sidereal Aries is stubborn, fiery, independent and bossy sign. Sidereal Aries (Tamet Ammon) is always doing something. It is the most active sign in zodiac. It is strange that tropical Taureans accept their “sign”, although they are anything but lazy or passive. They are always acting for something in their life. Everybody can notice that. Since sidereal Aries belongs to fire signs, its meaning is linked to WILL. If Aries wants something, Aries will also gain it.”

Amun: the vast nothingness, of pure consciousness before the dawn of creation. just pure still mind.emptiness. Seeing the beauty in the stillness, in the beauty of doing nothing. The balance. Hetheru, the cosmic force of beauty, aligned with action and power. If taken too far, can become the destructive aspect of Sekhmet. However, with wisdom, and understanding, can find the perfect balance between might and mercy.

Rephan/Geb Ip


Rephan : Saturn; Sani; associated with Geb, Muruga; Hanuman; Saturday bringer of stability and prosperity, boundaries, limitations, rules, laws, restrictions, limits, negative influence, endurance, discipline, denial, cruelty, . It defines deeper feelings; symbolizes death/transformation and also sex. Karma.


the cosmic path: ““Saturn in your birth chart reveals the place where you must learn to be more mature in your approach, it points to where your fears are, where you tend to repeat mistakes, and therefore feel inadequate, or handicapped. ”
Geb is the Earth, and is also associated with Saturn, which is in the constellation if Ip (Scorpio) during this weekend’s event. Ip rules our desires, and during this watery time of PiCot Sahu, agaon we must be mindful to not let our emotions or our ego get the best of us, or keep our consciousness captive. If and when things get too difficult, just visualize the temporary darkness caused by this alignment of the inner and outer eclipse, and that the Light of Ra, of Enlightenment and Illumination will return, as long as we remain calm and in a state of informal meditation at all times. We must call on the cosmic forces of RePhan to create healthy boundaries, not keep our desires and emotions from flooding all relationships and situation,s and also to contain our energies for ourselves, and not CONTINUOUSLY SHARING TO THE POINT THAT THERE IS NONE LEFT. FOR SELF  Visualize the water bearer, sharing what he has in his vessels, yet, saving some for himself after a long day of helping others.
Asar, Ceres/Aset in Pi Maehre

Asar (Pluto) and Aset (the Asteroid called Ceres) in same constellation. How Divine.  Both traveling the universe through Sagittarius for the moment. Even though some have decided that Pluto is no longer a planet, it is till a very heavenly body.
The Wisdom of Transformation is the cosmic force that is being represented. The Mysteries of Transformation.

Answering  Higher Calling, from the
“The struggle for a Sagittarius is never over, however, they are tireless workers and fighters for truth—even if it hurts.” Inspiration and Optimism. Answer the Call. IT IS FOR YOU!




Sedna Apis
Sedna is the Inuit Goddess that is associated with the vibration of surviving assault and trauma. Of the good that can come after many years of healing….

Sedna will be in this sign for many many years, and it behooves us to listen when she is speaking to us. It is my understanding that during 2014, there was a huge outcry against sexual assault and domestic violence. Won’t it be wonderful when  we have a movement about HEALING from these same tragedies of the human existence? Only then will we see a change. When the ones that are hurting others have been healed from all of the hurts they received as a youth. When we can begin to heal ourselves a s human family, perhaps we will see a change in the earth’s response to us living off of her for so long with destructive tendencies and habits. Heal kurselves and we can heal the earth. In fact, we can ot help the earh until we can help/ heal ourselves.


Pallas Athena/Maat is in Imhotep (Ophiuchus). Justice in Health Care is what comes to mind. The right to choose what type of health care is desired.


Juno: Khepera  Transformation in family relationships.

Khepera is the transformation. Also, family.

ransformation and Nurturing; Family and Home. Enthusiasm.

Strength, Pride, confidence, generosity, noisiness, drama, and resilience. Creativity.


from always astrology:
“Where you find Juno in your chart is where you may meet someone that you will remain with for a long relationship. She covers marriage, fashion and beauty. She is  the patron of relationships and true love. Diplomacy is part of her sphere.

She has influence with the weather, flowers, fairness and female genitalia. She also dealt with many of Jupiter’s infidelities, and thus has influence over the negative issues of spouse abuse, powerlessness, women’s rights (both positive and negative), rage, inferiority complexes and unfairness. She may also affect issues of denial, betrayal, inequality and of course bitterness.”



Vesta in Hupeneius: The Heath and Home.”

Hupeneius (Capricorn); 20 January to 16 February


Altruism, detachment, coldness, revolution, reformation, justification, eccentricity, idealism, fraternity, objectivity, progressiveness, science, and unpredictability. The Place of Sacrifice.”

Vesta is the keeper of the hearth. She is focus and dedication. She is mental clarity and self-respect.

Vesta brings out your purest potential and Essence into being. Vesta is organized and perfect. She has a talent for breaking things down into its components.





after reading this a few times, just take a few moments to reflect and allow it to sink in. even if you think you do not understand, the words and meaning will seep into your consciousness, guiding you along your experience of this
TRIPLE CELESTIAL EVENT, in alignement and with awareness of what is going on above and below, within and in the environment.





Be Sure to have access to the HeruScopes© Handbook and Resource Guide so you can cast your own HeruScopes© Forecast, or arrange to have one prepared for you by Tchiya Amet! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, just drop me a line at cosmic at or call me at 707-972-6831.



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