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New Schedule at Light Being Wellness!

Ever since the Green Flash Sunrise on Ocotber 17, my vibration has been growing lighter and higher. It really began during an Eclipse in March or may, I will have to check. I have been making all kinds of adjustments, re-adjustments. Have been setting boundaries, letting go of toxicity. I even started working with a hypnotherapist! Most importantly, I have changed my schedule, I have embraced my Galacitc Spirituality, and have started to fully trust my Spirit Guide. You may find this surprising, I probably already give off the appearance that all is well and peachy keen. 


So about this new schedule: I have broken away from the Luna Lunacy, which I strived to achieve for 20 years: wanting to put out consistent astrology reports. Once I finally achieved this objective, I abandoned it almost immediately! It was just too much, changing every 3 or 4 days, New, Full and Quarter Moons. I was constantly posting annoncements, going live, then the replays. Plus doing the same for my music projects. So, I stopped cold turkey, and waited for Divine Intuition, Cosmic & Celestial Guidance to show me the next step, show me the plan. 

This program came to me in stages, and has been documented in tiktok videos! I will post them on this page so you can see the transformation. I recall one day I was walking with my dog and it hit me like a bolt of lightening: Ditch the Moon, follow the Solar Sidereal calendar, Follow the Dogon Sirius Calendar which contaains 10 day weeks which I absolutely LOVE.  Already following the Milky Way calendar with the Spiral Dance Medicine Wheel Offerings: Equinoxes, Solstices, and MidSeasons.  Start Up the Good Rising TV series again, aligned with the Sun instead of the Moon. Continue to broadcast vibrations for eclipses and retrogrades.So what about Sirius and the Sacred Hoop? BAM: Devotional Concerts when celestial bodies visit the Sacred Hoop. But what about wellness topics, I mean, this IS Light Being Wellness? BAM BAM: Cover fascinataing Wellness Topics when Heavenly Bodies visit Ophiuchus. We call this constellation Imhotep over here, because that is who the constellation was formed after…this is the only constellation that breflects the life of an actual human being, the life of Imhotep. Master healer and architect. 

What follows are videos that contain the schedule. I will also post the schedule at the AstMaataJi Temple page, and ecentually, will be worked into the calendar sytem of this website.  In the future, I will go into more deatil about my Galactic Nature. It is in everything that I do, I guess I was just oin the closet about this aspect. I was trying to fit into a cultrual tradtion, then a spiritual cultural tradsition,. Both traditions have a stellar aspect,  however, I never felt comfortable expressing my Galactic nature in these groups.. So, I just kinda kept it in the background. Also, when I nwas in grad school, Galactic Astrtoenomy and then Galactic Cultural Astronomy were to be my specialties. Looks like the Trauma blocked me from what brungs me the most jopy: gazoing at the Milky way and celebrating her stories, the cultural traditions that connect us with stars the galaxy, the universe. I believe that this is where we will be forced to e brace Oneness and Unity with the Human Beings that remain on Planet  Earth. Before Human ity becomes extinct. Or is transformed into another entitiy. As Light beings, we have no need to fear this process, hiwever, I do feel for the peo[ple that choose to remain blind and ign orant. I digress… these are the kinds of topics we will dive into in the name of Imhotep, during the Ophiouchus Transits. 


I will only repost the schedules, I will no longer make individual announcements for each offering. In fact I only know the date of the transits. I do not know the time, until this is reveaaled by the Goddess and also by practical neccessity. Lunar events, Equinoxes, Solstices have a 3 day window, so there is no lable of “being late” things happen when they are meant to happen,  ot just becAuse someone said they shoupd happen. When everything is ready, the livestream will begin. This eliminates like 90 tins of stress from my energy fueld. It also makes things more exciting, don’t you agree?

Also, please note that there are now 3 channels on YouTube: 

Tchiya Amet Music: Reggae, World Music, Devotional World Music, Ancient African Adorations and now, Cosmic Adorations

KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing: Sound Healing and Astrology

Light Being Wellness: Everything Else!!


So, today, Match 14, there will be 2 livestreams, Good Rising TV for the Sun entering into Sidereal Pisces on March 12, and Light Being Wellness meets Imhotep,  for the Moon in Ophiuchus. Inner Joy & Well-Being. Light & Life

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