Get in Tune with this Sidereally LIBRA New Moon!

Here is the post from EarthSky Oracle, Lyn Dalebout, the Sidereal Astrologer!

Sun Nov 3:
It’s New Moon taking place in the early Sunday morning hours. Time to celebrate the birth of a new cycle within the heavens, within yourself, within the Earth and all her creatures. The very best use of this cosmic portal of birth would be to be in nature or to visit some place of sanctuary that nurtures self reflection. Both Sun, Moon and Saturn are all aligned in balancing, harmonizing, peacemaking, relational Libra, so choose to be with a partners that bring you a sense of peace. Because this particular New Moon is conjunct Saturn, all themes Saturnian will be up in the coming four weeks. As I already wrote above in the introduction to this week: that means lingering depressions need to be dealt with, making decisions becomes imperative. And I’ll mention three other Saturnian gifts: greater ability to focus your attention on creating what you want (not what you don’t want), making new commitments and discovering the discipline to follow through with your goals. And most importantly, being true to your authentic self. Become the authority you are meant to be in the realms you are designed to work within. Be the leader of your life so all society can benefit from your gifts.  During this four week period, you might get closer to making your dreams come true.  Patience though. Saturn also demands patience as we allow the natural events to unfold in right timing.  I would like to mention this supportive tool. My friend DeeElle Bupp of Dragonlady Teas offers “Tea of the Month” Club in which she mixes an herbal healing yummy tea for each New Moon that  assists people in using the energy of the lunar cycle to support  awakening, upgrade, new possibilities emerging.  Her teas literally help transform consciousness. It’s like receiving a teaching in a cup of tea that works specifically, uniquely to support you. Please check it out at this link and send her an email to sign up for the Tea of the Month Club:

Thanks Lyn!

new moonThis is also the time to write your New Moon Abundance Checks!!! 

Now is the time to strengthen the most important relationship we will ever have: OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF!

This is also the time of year when the veil between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead is opened. Now is an excellent time to honor the connection we share with loved ones that have moved on.

maat winged


The symbol of Libra, the scales, is related to Maat, so this is also the time of year when the energy of Maat is felt strongly on Earth.

Love and Light, Tchiya Amet El Maat

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