Class Registration, Tools and Books for Acutonics© Level 1: Sound Gates to Harmonic Meridians

Class Registration, Tools and Books Acutonics Level 1: Sound Gates to Harmonic Meridians THE NEXT CLASS OFFERING: KEMETONES ACUTONICS LEVEL 1 WILL BE HELD JULY 12-19 PORTLAND, JAMAICA Contact Tchiya Amet at cosmic at for more information. Or, you can call the KemeTones Class Hotline! 541-251-3949     CLASS REGISTRATION THE REGULAR PRICE FOR THE TRAINING AND RETREAT, INCLUDING LODGING,…

Introductory Intervals of Planetary Acutonics© Tuning Forks

Introductory Intervals of Planetary Acutonics © Tuning Forks for KemeTones Acutonics Level 1 Certification Training Our system and methodology utilizes both energetic point combinations that draw on the ancient and contemporary roots of Oriental Medicine and a system of musical intervals that are created when Acutonics® Tuning Forks are used in combination with each other. When specific tuning fork intervals are…

Chiron Return

Good Rising. Chiron Return occurs in a person’s life between the ages of 50 and 52, well up until one turns 53. Many of us experience trauma as youngstars, and have no idea or how to process. So, we just go through life as best we can. When we reach our Chiron Return, these events from the days of our…

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