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Good Rising Great Awakenings!
Ever since I experienced a Green Flash Sunrise, there has been much change healing and transdformation in my life. I have let go of organizational ties, relationships, longings, schedules, institutions, standards, etc that I have held into for decades. I let go of wanting to follow the Lunar calendar: after trying for like 30 years, I realized that it is not what I want! I was feeling like a Lunatic! It was just too often. I am more of a Galactic Girl…

I began to listen to the rhythm of my life, and waited until the right schedule for these offerings to be revealed to me. It was so exciting when it happened, while I was out walking my dog! “Tune into the 13 Month Kemetic Sidereal Calendar” and VOLIA! Just like that, Good Rising TV is Rising Again. Rise Again is the translation of my name, Tchiya. 

There are 13 zodiacs along the ecliptic,
so there will be
13 HeruScopes Transmissions
per Year.
In 2023, we are starting with

February 16.

Jan 19 or Jan 20?

In the announcement video, I was still using the dates from a chart I created back in 2001. However, time moves forward one day every 70 years, so time has changed. Durimg this Mercury Retrograde Season, I will be updating my chart. There is an updated chart down below on this page. Also, in Astrology, it is important to know which timezone is quoted. I find many mistakes are made when people quote a time in UTC, thinking it is their local timezone. I’d say that original chart has served its purpose…

These LIVESTREAM Transmissions can include topics like:

  • Cosmic Chimes & Chanting for the Solar Transit
  • HeruScopes 13 Month Kemetic Sidereal forecast of what is to come during the month
  • Cosmic Sound Healing Self Care Protocols
  • Pendulum Readings
  • Herbal Remedie
  • Purification Principles
  • Kemetic Wisdom
  • Turtle Island Medicine
  • Crystal Communication
  • What Else is Called For by Spirit & Divine Intuition


Capricornus symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL CAPRICORN January 20 – February 16 2:00AM CT GEB
Aquarius symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL AQUARIUS February 16 – March 11 12:30PM CT HERU
Pisces symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL PISCES March 12 – April 18 2:00PM CT NEBTHET
Aries symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL ARIES April 18 – May 13 SET
Taurus symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL TAURUS May 13 – June 21 HETHERU
Gemini symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL GEMINI June 21 – July 20 DJEHUTY
Cancer symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL CANCER
July 20 – August 10 KHEPERA
Leo symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL LEO August 10 –
September 16
Virgo symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL VIRGO September 16 –
October 30
Libra symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL LIBRA October 30 –
November 23
Scorpius symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL SCORPIO November 23 –
November 29
Ophiuchus symbol (fixed width).svg OPHIUCHUS November 29 –
December 17
Sagittarius symbol (fixed width).svg SIDEREAL SAGITTARIUS December 17 –
January 20


For more information, check out HeruScopes at
Download the HeruScopes Handbook and Resource eGuide
You can obtain a personal Chart, Analysis, Consultation, Kemetic Konnections
(Cosmic Chimes & Chanting for Your Earth Arrival Date and Time) OR, you can combine all of these with a KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing Session!
Click on the Astrology Services tab above or visit to learn more

Upcoming Sessions

Solar Sidereal Updates: Good Rising TV
Friday, January 20th, 2023
2:00am – 1:30am

 People ask me why I don’t say Grand Rising. It is because when I first started using the expression, Good Rising, I was tired of Mourning each day. I had been in a terrible state of ptsd and depression. For a few decades. I met some peiople that were saying Good Rising instead of Good Morning. This was way back in 2003. I only say Good Morning when I am having a horrible day. I say Good Rising because God is Good. We are rising in consciousness to our god state or goddess state. I still say Good Rising because it is a daily vibe. Sometimes, there is indeed a reason to say Grand Rising, however, Good Rising is Good enough for me… Sometimes, just being at peace, in silence is grand enough, in stillness. I don’t need much more than that. It is a matter of reference or perspective… I prefer to stay in the Middle, Balanced, in Maat, not out in the emotional extremes… Gratitide more than expectation.

Light & Life

ps: here is a link to the ORIGINAL Good Rising TV page…. have come along way since then….


Green Flash Sunrise

This is the event that saved my life and really turned things around…

Click Here

Visit us on YouTube!

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