Water Balloon Candles Part 1

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When my daughters were young, we started making and selling Water Ballon Candles. Our last name was/is Vela which means Candle (and also Sail), so its felt perfect. I was a radical environmentalist back then (even more than I am currently! LOL!!) . We lived in Austin, and did not own a car. I had issues with the candles because back then, eco-friendly wax was very expensive and hard to come by. Not to mention the waste caused by throwing away the water ballon used in the process. So, I decided that I would not use a car not to supplies or make deliveries, everything would be done by bike.

One day, I decided that it would be alright to get a ride to the place where I bought the petroleum wax. It was already late, in the day, it was dark, and it was raining. The driver’s car would stall often, and require a jumpstart. We were about to head down a hill, and I knew that if the car stalled, the car behind us would not see us in time and would run into the car that was holding my precious children,

So, I decided to stand in the road to warn drivers to slow down. Yes, crazy right? It was a dark and rainy night, I had bo. business standing in the road on a hill….

Anyways, of course a truck was roaring down that hill. barely saw me, swerved and I got knocked in the ankle, instead of being run into, by the truck. It slowed down and did not crash into the car with my precious children. After that, I stopped making candles for like a decade…..

When I started making candles again, it was because it had become easier to get ecofriendly wax. Hemp wax and soy wax were my favorites. I even collected used wax from friends and co-op members. I only used a dash of beeswax for the shine….I tried it for awhile, but it was not the same without the water balloons, so I stopped again.

I do not enjoy buying candles because I know that I am a candle maker and that mine are the absolute BEST! All natural waxes, wicks dyes, and essential oils. Shaped by Water, so lovely, beyond words…

A few weeks ago, I had a dream, it was more like a visitation. I was told that it is time for me to start making water balloon candles again. My daughter Lluvia mentioned how much she missed making candles, but has no space for the equipment.

from somethingtocherish.com

I was talking to a friend, and she told me that water balloons are made from Latex. Rubber. Not petroleum. I was shocked! In disbelief, and yet, I knew this was excellent news…So here I am researching. Yes, Latex does come from rubber, or rubber comes from latex AND there are also synthetic forms of latex… here are some links on this if you are interested…



Balloons Blow, an organization that aims to “educate people about the destructive effects released balloons have on animals, people, and the environment,” bluntly calls Zuru’s Bunch O Balloons “single use crap.” Co-founder Danielle Vosburgh tells me “to suggest the mess doesn’t have to be picked up is highly irresponsible.” (We reached out to Zuru for comment, and will update this post if the company responds.) 

Vosburgh, who has been studying plastic marine pollution for decades, says, “Balloons are the deadliest child’s toy. If a child accidentally inhales a bit or whole balloon, it is nearly impossible to remove, almost always resulting in death.” She shared with me this heartbreaking email she received from a parent just last night:
10 days ago (May 31, 2018) my 9 month old died because he choked on a balloon. It was a water balloon that had not been blown up or popped. It completely blocked his airway making CPR unsuccessful. By the time EMT got to us it was too late. The day before this happened my older 3 boys were playing outside with the water balloons. One must have gotten tracked in and while crawling around my baby put it in his mouth. Parents think they will be able to do something if they see they’re child put a balloon in their mouth. The reality is as quickly as they inhale, the balloon can disappear and you can’t do anything about it. I was right there with my son and I still couldn’t catch it in time before he aspirated the balloon. This tragedy has led me to take every step I can to try to find a way to warn everyone the dangers of balloons. In all ways balloons are a horrible invention. 

ugh. this is just too much….there must be a way…

My next step is to find an excellent supply of natural Latex Water balloons, the kind that. break down quickly… then, look out world for the most beautiful water balloon candles that you have even seen. These might be the first water balloon candles you will ever see as well. I am so excited and extremely grateful to know that candles are coming to the Light Being Wellness Shop and AstMaataJi Temple! Stay Tuned for details.


Great idea, however, will not work for water balloon candles…

So, I am feeling that since I do not leave bits of balloon all over the grass, the hazard is not there. They will just end up in the landfill with everything else. I tend to overthink things….I sense that as long as I know they are made from natural latex, rubber, and disposed of properly in trash can, then I can exhale about these beautiful candles.

Now, what about the wicks???

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