US Pluto Return in Capricorn: 2-22-2022

One popular astrologer had the audacity to say that Obama signaled Change…HA! That the transit began in 2008. 

Rather than focus on the date, because according to NASA and JPL, this transit occurs on March 1, 2023, We will focus on the transit and how we will experience or notice it. Even if the transit does not take place until March 1, 2023, we are in the shadow, and may start to observe change and transformation. Of course, in order to experience the kind of transformation we desire, we must let go of something to make room for what we want. Rather than focus on what we don’t want, we focus on what we want, what changes we would like to see or even initiate. To manifest, Give birth to give rise to.  I suggest that we as a Nation let go of Ignorance. That would solve AAAAAALLLLL Of Our Problems, and might make me want to remain here…

Tune in TODAy 2-22-2022 at 2:22 pm central for the LiveStream Transmission of Pluto Transit with Cosmic Chimes and Chanting plus Self care Tuneup.

Here is the livestream link for youtube…

Here is the list of resources mentioned during the transmission.

The effects of this transit will last a very long time, so we have the rest of our lives to prepare and experience these huge changes. I for one am very encouraged by what transpired on 2:22 at 2-22-2022….

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Another way of stating this is: Pluto goes Retrograde again on April 30, 2022. Dua Asar….

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