The Spring Eclipse: WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT, ALFIE?

The Spring Eclipse: WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT ALFIE?


Just have to begin with Dionne Warwick and her hit song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. What a tune…..just now can I understand the lyrics! LOL!!!


“Without True  Love we just exist. Alfie. Until you find the love you’ve missed, YOU’RE NOTHING!  Alfie. When you walk, let your heart lead the way, and you’ll find love any day, Alfie”
~Burt Bacharach and Hal David


Ironically, when the song was written for Dionne to sing, the producers of the film of same name wanted a British singer! You mean, WHITE don’t you???? The song was recorded by 42 other singers before Dionne was “allowed” to record the song!!!! LOL!!! I had no idea anyone else even sang this song….


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Animation: How the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Will Look


During this penumbral lunar eclipse, the Earth’s main shadow does not cover the Moon. As the Earth’s shadow (umbra) misses the Moon during a penumbral lunar eclipse, there are no other locations on Earth where the Moon appears partially or totally eclipsed during this event. A penumbral lunar eclipse can be a bit hard to see as the shadowed part is only a little bit fainter than the rest of the Moon. Check the weather for Los Angeles.

THIS IS AN ECLIPSE THAT CANNOT BE SEEN, IT IS JUST A SHADOW…….but it can be felt, and we know it is going on…..


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Anyway, what is this eclipse all about? Let’s look at the chart

March Eclipse

No matter when you are able to read this, keep in ind that the eclipse is about more than just the moment.

Remember to download your HeruScopes Handbook in order to follow this reading better.

Also, keep in mind that we are very much in the Spring Equinox Energy as well, so this is about nig shifts and increasong alignment.

Ra Djehuty n Heru Picot Sahu (Sun, Mercury and Uranus in PIsces)

NebtHet HetHeru n Chiron KuUrKU (Neptune, Venus and Chiron in Aquarius)

Asar PiMaere (Pluto in Sagittarius)

RePhan Imhotep  (Saturn in Ophiuchus)

Set/Muruga Ip  (Mars in Scorpio)

Sesheta Aspolia  (FULL Moon in Virgo)

PiCheus/Amun Sekhmet   (Jupiter in Leo)

Sedna Apis  (Sedna in Taurus)

Ceres KuUrKu Ceres in Aquarius)

Maat/Pallas Athena Equuleus/KuUrKu (Pallas Athena in Little Horse/Aquarius)

Juno  Maat (Juno in LIbra)

Vesta Cetus/Picot Sahu   (Vesta in Pisces)


HeruScopes Analysis

Before Eclipse
Before March Eclipse

As I begin this process, it is now 2:21 am PDT. Going Outside for a moment. I will begin with the Eclipse! At 2:39 am PDT.
First thing I want to acknowledge is my passion for writing these. No matter how hard I have tried, I rarely get them done BEFORE the event. It is ALWAYS during the event. With the energy of this Eclipse, I fully embrace, allow and accept this truth! I cease to be down on myself for not getting these reports done ahead of time, I accept that writing them is an aspect of my personal journey and experience of the Celestial Event. ASHE!


Ra Djehuty n Heru Picot Sahu
Use Creativity to express emotions, feelings metaphysical and mystical side of Life.  Use communications to express energy in motion, hopefully, positive energy! LOL! Expressing our feelings is an act of rebellion, because in this culture, we are taught to be silent and to hide our emotions if we want to be strong. THIS IS AN ECLIPSE, DURING THE SPRING EQUINOX WINDOW, SO THROW THAT THEORY OUT THE WINDOW. Time to fully embrace the mystical aspect of your life, your creativity. If you have been closed to this energy before, now is the time to open up, willingly, or forcibly, the choice is yours. Stop denying that there is more to life than your 9-5 job, working for money to pay bills.  In order to redeem the Soul, we must be able to live with our emotions, learn how to use them to our advantage, rather than be controlled by them. Writing down our feelings , putting them to music, or into our art, NOW IS THE TIME! #ENDTHESILENCE, END THE VIOLENCE. This society has stifled conscious creative expression, by lavish compensation for the artists commit and entertainers that commit blasphemy everyday. Artists that hate themselves, and apparently, hate life in general, because their expressions promote violence and death. #RapeCulture. Djehuty PiCot Sahu: SAA KNOWING WITH FEELING, FEELING WITH KNOWLEDGE.

mind weapon

NebtHet HetHeru n Chiron KuUrKU

NebtHet is the embodiment of Spirit in the Physical Plane, Like spirits in watery encasements, or Asar and NebtHet.  NebtHet in KuUrKu, again, KuUrKu is the Water Bearer, and NebtHet is the Container for the Water. NebtHet is the Twin Sister of Aset. NebtHet is the Lady of the House, and Aset is the Lady of Heaven.  We must keep our waters pure, both the waters of the Earth, and also, the water in our bodies, we must not allow ourselves to become dehydrated, as this is usual the cause of most physical ailments, of course we know they always begin in the spiritual realm, which of course, can be represented by WATER! We must also take extra care to purify our hearts and our emotions, energy in motion. To conduct daily purification rituals and cleanses to get in alignment with the Spring Equinox and this eclipse. I have been on a raw foods cleanse for over a week now, always an excellent practice to cleanse at the season changes.



HetHeru is the Goddess of Beauty, Love. She is the House of Heru.


The Beauty Path: SHARING THE WISDOM OF THE GODDESS.  Raising the vibrations of consciousness with love and beauty. Pouting forth love and wisdom with beautiful creations that express our purified feelings and  heart felt emotions.  This means not always sweet and nice content, but TRUTH, TRUE EMOTIONS. Sharing and expressing pain is very healing, for the sharer and the receiver. It could be bitter medicine, so make it beautiful, and it will be easier to make the medicine go down….like “a beautiful song about a massacre,” or a “Fucked Up System,” or “World Peace”, etc (these are all songs by Tchiya Amet!)



Chiron KuUrKu: Healing Our Families, Communities, Nation, Ancestral Lineage, and Future generations, by HEALING OURSELVES. When we share our healing journey with others, it helps us and others as well.  I LOVE this website called curezone, where people share their alternative healing expereinces with the community. I always look here before consulting any medical industry resources…



Heal Your Self, and Heal the World.

[su_heading size=”26″ margin=”30″] Also, be sure to join us for the HEAL PTSS WITH SOUND: KemeTones Self Care and Beyond Weekly webinar series, every Tuesday at 5 pm PDT. [/su_heading]


PTSS 32216

Asar PiMaere

Transformation, Resurrection of Wisdom, Transformational Healing Journey. Stability, Security. Feel, Know and Trust in this Protection, even if physically unseen. This cosmic force is omnipresent. Connecting with the Inner Authority.

RePhan Imhotep

Breaking beyond any boundaries or preconceived notions about the journey to wellness,. The limitations that exist were placed there by your own ego and fears. Heal Thy Self by eliminating any sense of separation, limitation, or toxic beliefs. Be Open to the Unlimited, to Infinite Possibilities. Allow the Healer within you to be free. Free to heal yourself, and to help others to do the same.

Set/Muruga Ip

Uh Oh, this potentially could be very scary, however, at HeruScopes, we know that we are in a very good Moon time for this, with the Shadowy Eclipse and Alignment of the Equinox. Ego and Desire? Or, Spiritual Warrior that CONQUERS and MASTERS Desire. Balance, Purification of the heart, Self Confidence, as in to place Trust in Higher Self, not boastful or bragging or conceit.


Sesheta Aspolia

Time fort Planting SEEDS OF THE REVOLUTION IN YOUR GARDEN OF LIFE. It is NOT time to keep doing things the way you have always done them. Now is the Moment to Align with the Person that You Are Here to Become. This is the combination for building new persona for yourself, to uplevel your character. To plant seeds that will bring forth your transformation, your enlightenment. A new attitude, a new diet, a new relationship, something that you have perhaps said that you would never do, and you find yourself LOVING it! LOL!! Perhaps, something that terrified you before, due to one bad experience, you were afraid to attempt again. And now, BAM, you are in the middle of it again, but with a completely different vibration. And much better experience. You have gone up the spiral!

Amun/PiCheus Seehmet
Jupiter has been in Leo for several moons now. I have come to see this reflected in my own life as Sense of Protection and Security. Steadfastness. From within, and this has made my environment, my relationships, and my finances more steady and secure as well. I can see and feel how I have made much progress in the area of healing my Sefkhet Aritu, Root Chakra, and I have learned more about using Sekhmet energy for protection, and also, how to pull her back in when the battle is won, and return to HetHeru.


Here is the Sefkhet Aritu Uaa (Root Chakra Meditation)



Sedna Apis
Now is the era for healing the planet earth of  #RapeCulture. Sedna is about healing from trauma, assault, especially domestic violence.

Aset/Ceres KuUrKu
The Goddess shares her Wisdom, pouring forth like water from a spring, or a vessel, like milk from a mother’s breast.


Maat/Pallas Athena Equuleus/KuUrKu
Justice and Truth are freely shared and poured out among the community. Healing relationship with male divinity.

Juno  Maat
Peaceful and Balanced Relationships with Loved Ones

Vesta Cetus/Picot Sahu
Purifuying the heart/Hearth/Home by releasing emotions. It is safe to let them go.

Olmec Mayan:
Completion of Cycle for Star Beings: NO MORE GIVING TO THE POINT OF EXHAUSTION. NO MORE BEING OVERLY AGREEABLE JUST TO B=TRY TO BE LIKED. STOP THAT. Stars shine brilliantly in all directions. Tune into the Dtar Energy of Multiplicity and Abundance.


At HeruScopes, we learn how to see ourselves as the Heru/Hero of Our OWN Myth. To see oursleves and to live as a god or a goddess. DUA HERU! NUK PU HERU!







Phife Dawg Eclipsed During the Eclipse. He will Be Siriusly Missed.

Tribe Called Quest star Phife Dawg dies aged 45

End of the Eclipse


In This Moment, I want to express Gratitude to the Divine, for all of the alignment, manifestation, healing and growth that has been actualized since the Planetary Alignment from January-February 20, 2016. With a foundation like that, 2016 so far has already been the best year of my life. And it keeps getting  better and better everyday in every way. My Life has become One Success After Another, In fact, ALL of my dreams, visions and goals manifested in ONE WEEK earlier this month, while I was in Jamaica. Stay tuned for that incredible update!

Well, Alfie, This is What It’s All About: Good Rising, Good Equinox, Good Eclipse. Hotep!
Tchiya Amet El Maat, S.E.

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