Sound Healing

Sound Healing

KemeTones is a sound healing protocol that is similar to acupuncture, using sound instead of needles. Precision calibrated tuning forks that are tuned to planetary frequencies determined by Kepler are placed directly on the body or in the energy field. When there is a pain, illness, symptom of disease, or obstacle in one’s life, that means there is a block in the flow of energy. When we remove the block, we eliminate the pain or obstacle or disease.

We use Acutonics tuning forks that are tuned to the oklanets, and therefore, they have an ancestral correspondence as well to the Neter and the Orishas, Cosmic Forces of the universe. So, it is a Cosmic Sound Healing, utilizing the Sounds of Ancient Kemet. At KemeTones, we also use the Sacred Sounds of the Voice, with Chants and Songs of Praise: Ancient African Adorations.

Solar Tune-Up


30 mins

Galactic Tune-Up 


60 mins

Cosmic Tune-Up 


90 mins

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