Solar Saturn Opposition + Pluto Return

On August 14, our Sun went conjunct with Saturn. This celestial event took place at the same time as a personal meltdown experience. I only happened to notice it tonight. When I read the description of the alignment, I understood that what had transpired was a reaction to a celestial event, which intensified my reaction to human events in my life, ie, triggers. This conjunction will last through October of this year, so we have plenty of time to absorb and process this frequency.

Here is a quote from

Sun Opposite Saturn Transit

Your effectiveness and your recent performance will be under the spotlight, as well as the usefulness of the life structures you have been utilizing. When the transiting sun forms an opposition with your natal Saturn, you may need to shed, temper, rebalance, or let go of elements that have become a limitation. You may also realize situations in which you need to erect stronger personal boundaries with others. In some cases, you may need to remove yourself from negative relational dynamics. If you are critiqued by an authority figure, do your best to find something constructive within the feedback to make improvements and effective modifications. This is not the time to become mired in self-doubt or insecurity. Be careful to not become overly harsh on yourself today, maintaining compassion and acceptance for yourself is important so you do not become dragged down by excessive self-criticism. It will feel natural today to evaluate your own development. It is vital to do so in a way that increases clarity and helps you make impactful changes for your future.

On a personal note, I have Saturn Rx in Sidereal Sagittarius, and Jupiter is Rx in Sidereal Saturn, so things dealing with Saturn really come out of nowhere, and if I am not strong, it will knock me down…

If only I had been following the movements more closely, I might haver had a better reaction to the events as they unfolded. However, If I spent all of my time following this activity, I would miss out on very crucial moments of my life. I am aware that I am empathic, and also very connected to the Stars and Planets, however, I do not choose to live by them. I prefer to learn how to keep my vibes in tact, no matter what is thrown at me: like Aset, remain seated on my Inner Throne, and not be moved. I would have to say that I dropped an entire galaxy with this alignment. However, thanks to Self Care Sound Healing plus Cosmic Chimes and Chanting, I will be able to pick up right where I dropped out. It feels good to know that what transpired was not just me randomly freaking out.

You may recall that a few months ago, I decided that keeping up with the Lunar calendar and the Neterian Calendar of Holy Days was beginning to feel too much like a cage, I felt like a slave to the Lunar calendar. I finally was posting with consistency, and then, I had to let it go. The focus of my live streams needed to change and focus on what ever Cosmic remedy is needed at the time, not simply following the movements, but actually allowing the alignments to bring healing and higher consciousness. I call these Cosmic or Celestial remedies, because the symbol for Retrograde is the same as the symbol for remedies or prescriptions…

Retrograde is Celestial Remedy

The next Cosmic Chimes and Chanting session will be Thursday August 18 at around 11pm. This coincides with the Third Quarter Moon, which I had previously designated as a time for Global Grieving. On Thursday, the featured frequencies will be for Solar Saturn Conjunction. Pluto return, which represents the fall of the Western Empire, and retro]grade Season. You can watch live on tiktok or YouTube, and the recording will be available at YouTube.

Watch Livestream/.Replay here…


  • sernuaaba herut,
    Posted August 20, 2022 9:41 am

    I had become too connected to the stars and planets which affected my vibrations. I am reminded of set and the need to remain seated on my inner throne. thank you for sharing how I can help myself through sound healing and cosmic chimes and chanting.

    • lightbeing,
      Posted August 25, 2022 3:15 am

      It is so wonderful to hear from you….Thanks so much for reaching out….peace and love….

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