Six Planets in Retrograde Season!Celestial Strength for May 11-17

A Light Being Discusses Vaccines: Part 2
February 9, 2020

Celestial Strength for PORTAL OPENINGS!!!!

At HeruScopes, we see Retrogrades as a blessing they’re PORTAL OPENINGS. They are medicinal: remember? Rx is the symbol for retrograde as well as Prescriptions. A Retrograde is a medicinal time, a healing time, a time for remedies, or time to remedy a situation, 

Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, Western Astrologers fill the minds of everyone with doubts fears, warnings, it’s almost like a quarantine! Well, we see them as an intense opportunity for breakthroughs, revelations, changes, transformations, etc.  Perhaps this Rx will provide the remedy we need for COVID-19?

This Strength, we have several planets going Rx all around the same time. In fact, it’s like ONE A DAY!

We start off with Juno Rx Aspolia and Asar/Pluto Rx  Sagittarius. Pluto is connected to the constellation, so it is like exalted in Sag/PiMaere.

RePhan/Geb/Saturn in Cappi goes Rx on May 13

Venus/Hetheru in Apis/ Sidereal Taurus goes Rx on May 14

Jupiter in PiMaere/Sidereal Sagittarius goes Rx on May 16
Net/Pallas Athena also goes Rx on the 16th.

So yes, the  middle of May, 6 planets will be Rx, and Mercury is NOT one of them.

Lets explore what these portal openings are all about. Ever since I stopped calling the 7 day cycle  week/weak, it feels so much better. Just like when discussing time, I say, for instance, “it’s 2 hours After Midnight, instead of 2 am in the morning! Master Naba teaches us this is one way they steal time from us, by tricking us into believing that 1 hour after midnight is the morning, rather than the middle of the night…

The first thin we notice is the conglomeration of planets in retrograde over towards the right; Saturn, Net, Jupiter, Pluto, 

Saturn/Geb is about limitations, being grounded or bound to the Earth, to a structure, or standard. During this Rx in Sidereal Capricorn, which is about striving to achieve a goal, let us all strive for FREEDOM. however that appears for you. As for Neterians, we choose to break free of limitations that make uo this Illusion that is called creation. We choose to turn away from worldliness. We choose Wisdom over Ignorance. What will you choose during this portal opening? Now is the time to break free of limitations surrounding business, finances, employment, anything involving money, structure, materialism, physicality. This could signify finding ways to exist beyond time and space, transcend the physical reality which is an illusion.

Venus is Exalted in Sidereal Taurus, a double dose of HetHeru. Goes Rx on May 14. The planet of Love and beauty in the sign of Abundance, Earth Magic, can be kind of stubborn…. Remember Hetheru is the goddess that was sent to Each to destroy the unrighteous. In the process, she forget her divinity. Her awareness was restored by the Cosmic Mind that is Lord Djehuty. We go through this same process, daily! LOL!  During this opening, look for the beauty In all things, the gift in every adversity, as well as challenges to be overcome in the physical realm. Personally, I am looking towards a beautiful incredible positive change in abundance, prosperity, tremendous stability and security. 

With Saturn in Capricorn, and Venus in Taurus, both exalted, with portals open, look for transformation and change in the physical realm, as these are both earth signs. Perhaps it could mean a global situation involving climate change and the way we live on Earth. Or, then way the pandemic is affecting our lives. 

Jupiter/Amun goes Rx on May 16.  Still in the exalted sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter is all about expansion and knowledge, and Amun is the witnessing consciousness. Amun has the ability to drive away evil and scatter diseases. Let’s watch Amun perform something magical doing this plandemic portal opening. Sagittarius is connected to travel, with focused intention on health and conquering lower nature, as the arrow of the archer points towards Ophiuchus/Imhotep and Scorpio/Ip. At HeruScopes, the energy of Sagittarius corresponds to both Asar as well as Amun. During this Portal Opening, we may ourselves experiencing, ands also witnessing this globally,  breakthroughs, revelations in the area of moving towards expansion of consciousness towards health and healing.  As Amun drives away evil and scatters the Corona Virus is my global prayer….

Net/Pallas Athena, is also in Cappi, and goes Retro on the 16th  Net is the goddess of war and protection, in an earth sign, hopefully we are not going into battle against the earth! Let’s make the intention that we will be in a battle FOR the Earth, or with the Earth, against the demonic forces that are pushing for new world order and mandatory vaccinations. Our way of life as human beings is being challenged, and we must organize, prepare and stand up for our rights to live free, as human beings, not as lab rats pr slaves…..

Now, let’s put this ALL TOGETHER in one gigantic portal opening cosmic chimes and chanting session!!! ……

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