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Mars and Venus produce a musical 5th that creates an opening to connect, explore, and understand the opposing yet complementary forces within us. Action-oriented, passionate, and instinctual, Mars is tempered with the soothing, harmonious, and refined energy of Venus. This dynamic duo propels us forward to look at life in a new way. Are you prepared to open your mind and heart and look at what gets in your way? Ideal for balancing the chakras, enhancing the creative process, and increasing awareness of the steps needed to move forward. Mars and Venus can be used together, or you can combine Mars or Venus with Ohm, which changes the character and archetypal qualities of the interval.

Mars and Venus

Woman applying Mars and Venus tuning forks to spot on calf

The Mars and Venus tuning forks represent the archetypal qualities and frequency of these planets, derived from their elliptical orbits as they travel around the Sun. Calculated by Johannes Kepler in the 1600’s and later converted to frequency. Their archetypal qualities are derived from the many cross-cultural myths in which they are featured. Mars represents the outward movement of life in qualities such as passion, initiative, assertion, courage, ambition, growth, endurance, impulses and aggression. Like the instruments of power and weapons that Mars symbolizes other qualities include drive, the ability to mobilize people, to succeed whatever the cost, and to start and finish things. Mars rules iron and is associated with blood, the head, muscles, inflammatory action, immune system, and male hormones. Venus represents the inward-pulling elements of life and those experiences that urge us toward inner union and togetherness with others. Qualities such as devotion, a need to be desired, balance and proportion, love and beauty, a sense of values and taste concern for justice and generosity of spirit. Venus rules copper and is associated with the kidneys, bladder, parathyroid, glands, anti-inflammatory action, and female hormones.

Together Mars (the red fork) and Venus (the pink fork) have come to represent the symbol for male and female; they create a musical 5th a powerful opening to explore and understand opposing yet complementary forces within us. Action oriented, passionate and instinctual Mars is tempered with the soothing, harmonious and refined energy of Venus. Used together they create a harmonious relationship with an opening quality that manifests potential.

Designed for both home and professional use, this product is sold with an easy to follow instruction pamphlet. Professional applications are covered extensively in our KemeTones Level 3 Certification Program.

For easy activation, pair with Acutonics Belted Acuvator or Acutonics Table Top Acuvator.


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